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Top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is one of the key forces driving overall productivity and profitability. A motivated, completely engaged employee is a critical part of the strategic foundation for the way they do business and can provide a durable, competitive advantage.

Highly engaged employees outperform their disengaged colleagues by 20 to 28 percent according to the Conference Board, 2006. A study by Serota Consulting of 28 multinational companies found that the share prices of organizations with highly engaged employees rose by an average of 16 percent compared with an industry average of 6 percent.

There are also costs associated with a disengaged workforce. Disengagement has been found to cost between 243 to 270 billion dollars due to low productivity of this group according to a Gallup poll. In one study by ISR, companies with low levels of employee engagement found that their net profit fell by 1.38 percent and operating margin fell by 2.01 percent over a three year period. Conversely, companies with high levels of engagement found that their operating margins rose by 3.74 percent over a three year period.

Wolf Management Consultants LLC supports organizations to systematically improve motivation, engagement, and productivity using results-oriented, proven interventions. Beyond setting the overall framework, we will help you to find the right performance indicators that drive accountability, “ownership”, and development opportunities for every employee, manager, and leader.



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