Employee Development: The Ten Essential Assets

Employee Development: The Ten Essential Assets

Every employee has the unique capacity to accomplish exceptional results and be a leader in their own way if they are properly trained, motivated and guided. They have a need and desire to learn and grow; to enhance their knowledge; utilize experience; advance to the next level; cross-train with other divisions; and take on more responsibility or challenging projects. They want to succeed as much as a company wants to grow and profit. Whatever a company’s objectives, their employees are their greatest asset; they possess the aptitude to profoundly impact an organization and create a successful career. Pulling from a wealth of experience and resources, Wolf Management develops tailored programs that enable employees to increase their skills and foster their talents. We focus of the 10 Essential Assets which help employees learn new skills, foster their talent, and master their abilities.

Key Topics:

  • Create a compelling vision & career plan
  • Best Business Practices for the new Millennium
  • Foster creativity & knowledge sharing
  • Effectively communicate & listen to others
  • Organizing your time & responsibilities
  • Take initiative & lead projects
  • Plan short & long-term goals
  • Enhance your unique skills & attributes
  • Focus your energy & drive
  • Incorporate passion & purpose into your work

Program Benefits:

  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Highlighting successful patterns and building on them
  • Increasing business knowledge and best practices
  • Setting new standards and achievement goals
  • Becoming a proficient communicator
  • Mastering project management and leadership skills
  • Putting together a proactive career plan
  • Consolidating experience for maximum impact

Who Should Attend:
This program is for all employees, groups or dynamic teams to help them increase their knowledge and abilities; improve leadership skills and work together more productively. From small groups to large corporations, Wolf Management offers tailored programs for every company’s needs. Working with our consultants, we put together a plan that fits your objectives, timeframe and required skills to maximize the program’s effectiveness. Accountability and commitment are essential for a successful program.

Event Length: 1-3 Days
Although a program can be tailored from 1 to 3 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional coaching, assessments, and continued support.



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