Assessment of Motivation and Potential for Personal and Professional Development

Assessment of Motivation and Potential for Personal and Professional Development

"Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people's lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure" (Author: Stephen Covey).

Where a resume can trace an individual's history, and a personality profile can categorize a person by traits, only by understanding motivation can we clearly see where an individual's talents, desires and potential lie. Personal motivations in categories like temperament, aptitude and vocational interests can be identified and rated according to their intensity. By charting these motivations, we can provide an understanding of the intricacies that keep individuals happy, thriving and effective in their work.

MAPP™ (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) is a tool used to create more productive and efficient organizations. It is based on a comprehensive and integrated personal inventory for understanding motivation and potential…it allows employers to make the most successful employees benchmarks for others…it enables businesses to hire more thoughtfully and accurately and to build healthier and more efficient teamsit facilitates wise promotion decisions…it can target specific areas for training…it reduces turnover by accurately matching individuals to their positions. And, in turn, it helps keep employees satisfied and productive.

Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential gives companies an unprecedented glimpse into what makes individuals who they are and who they can be. Combine the MAPP™ of many employees, and one has access to a digital talent pool that can help utilize people in the best way possible, whether a business is growing and changing, merging, reorganizing or downsizing. It provides powerful insight needed for building stronger organizations.

The MAPP™ APPRAISAL can be used to:

  • Improve employee development
  • Facilitate career planning and training
  • Enhance leadership development
  • Help with succession planning
  • Promote strategically
  • Assist with job transfers and outplacement
  • Strengthen morale and productivity
  • Reduce turnover and job stress
  • Organize more efficient teams
  • Create job profiles
  • Facilitate hiring decisions

MAPP™ is a tool used to support growth in a personal and/or professional environment by clearly identifying an individual's unique potential. Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential helps to identify personal motivations in several categories, including temperament, aptitude and learning style. The results can guide individuals on a career or personal path, or validate one they are already on. The assessment identifies characteristics that help to indicate a strong motivation to do, or avoid doing, certain things. For example, an individual may be capable of something, but if she/he hates it, and if it were a significant part of her/his daily responsibilities, it might undermine strengths and become a liability.

MAPP™ is a simple-to-administer appraisal system that organizes an individual's motivations into objective, quantified and intuitive formats. It requires only 20 to 25 minutes to complete over the Internet. The assessment consists of 71 sets of triads from which the individual selects options most and least preferred. Results are available in a variety of forms, including a personalized narrative report. Customized charts are included which compare the individual's personal traits with those required for specific jobs/vocations.

Components of the assessment include the measurement of an individual's:

  • Interest in job content
  • Temperament for the job
  • Aptitude for the job
  • Reasoning and thinking style
  • Mathematical capability
  • Language levels
  • Personal style
  • Personal traits
  • Interpersonal & social tendencies
  • Learning style
  • Orientation to people
  • Affinity for objects and things
  • Approach to data and information

Languages currently available: English; Spanish; Polish; Swedish; German; French, and Portuguese.

MAPP™ measurements provide valuable insight (explicitly graphed and interpreted in extensive and easy-to-read narratives) that can help predict a candidate's or employee's future success in any given position. See example of a partial printout below:

PEOPLE (PE) (Items in each line are depicted in the corresponding graph. Sectors filled in with more shading indicate a higher motivation to do what is described in each line.

PE_4 Entertain: to deliberately influence others
PE_6 Service communication: voluntarily inform others
PE_0 Mentor: size up people, personalities, motives
PE_2 Instruct: teach, train, influence, demonstrate
PE_5 Persuade: assertively influence, convince others
PE_3 Supervise: plan, manage work activity of others
PE_7 Social service directly benefiting others
PE_1 Negotiate: confront, communicate to achieve goal

TH_4 Manipulate: physically manage material processes
TH_7 Handling: basic routine manual labor
TH_3 Drive/Operate mobile and heavy equipment
TH_6 Feeding-offbearing: manual labor timed by machine
TH_2 Operate/Control: on-site machine operation
TH_5 Tending: monitoring/adjusting gauges, switches
TH_1 Precision/Quality: technical, mechanical standards
TH_0 Engineering: technical planning, installation

Structure of MAPP™ Programs:

  1. Document sent to participants with explanation of company   objectives ("How to take MAPP™ on the Internet" steps   to be delineated in above document)
  2. Participant takes assessment online
  3. MAPP™ consultation with each participant (1-1 _ hours) to discuss results of appraisal
  4. Application of elements of appraisal to need(s) of client
  5. Evaluation and discussion workshop addressing value and application of components of MAPP™ (optional)


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