Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

Your community of employees and the communities in which your business operates, expect more than just employment opportunities from you. Employee volunteer programs are innovative ways in which a company can give back and develop the social capital of its people. Volunteer programs enhance morale, provide opportunities for business skill development, promote the business among a variety of stakeholders and help the business become a business of choice for a community, an employer of choice for potential employees, and a vendor of choice for customers.

Wolf Management Consultants will:

Help you determine what type of volunteer program will help you meet strategic objectives for employee development and community support, engage employees in program support, be cost-effective and sustainable for the long term.

  • Conduct an employee audit of interest
  • Assist you in developing a management system for the employee-volunteer program
  • Help you develop recognition events
  • Survey potential volunteer sites to ensure that their infrastructures are sustainable, their programs are aligned with your companies "giving" goals, and their programs provide measurable benefits   to their clients.

Help you create tracking forms for measuring costs, impact and benefits.


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