Creating a Culture of Recognition: Total Rewards & Recognition Initiative

Creating a Culture of Recognition: Total Rewards & Recognition Initiative

This comprehensive Total Rewards & Recognition program will help a company understand and instigate the proper format and platform for creating a companywide culture of recognition. Essential for encouraging initiative and driving success, we will help you align long-term strategy with a recognition culture; incorporate one cohesive management style and focus, backed by the company’s mission, vision, and values; set a benchmark for improvement; foster unity and clarity on specific goals and objectives; improve manager and employee performance; promote training and advancement classes; develop an internal Rewards & Recognition website; monitor results; and revive a sense of purpose and engagement, which all leads to increased productivity and exceptional performance.

Working with senior executives, Wolf Management will assist you in forming a Recognition Team, implementing a strategic plan for a recognition program, and creating the proper training and development workshops. This long-term curriculum will support and advance manager talent; build unity and teamwork; improve retention; foster employee morale and efficiency; and establish an overall vision that each employee understands, embraces and embodies.

Rewards & Recognition
In the past few years numerous studies have proven that one of the top motivators of employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty is recognition. Employees in a recognition-focused organization are 5 times more likely to feel valued, 6 times more likely to invest in the company, 7 times more likely to stay, and 11 times more likely to feel completely satisfied. Extensive research shows a direct correlation between the perceived use of recognition in companies and the profitability of those firms. The financial return of Fortune’s Best Places to Work is over 225% higher over a six-year period as compared with overall market returns; companies with higher employee satisfaction scores (driven by feeling valued for the work they do ) have been shown to have a 700 % higher shareholder return. Wolf Management will show how recognition represents the single most validated principle for driving desired behavior and performance in today’s competitive work environments. We will take your organization through the seven essential recognition principles and discuss the creation of a Total Rewards & Recognition Culture.

Program Topics:

  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Forming a Recognition Team & Accountability
  • Aligning with Strategic Planning
  • Establishing a Clear Baseline
  • Recognition Program & Internal Website
  • Training Workshops & Executive Development
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • Changing Key Behaviors and Resistance
  • Increasing Commitment & Dedication
  • Measuring & Monitoring Results
  • Maintaining the Recognition Program

The Seven Recognition Principles & Systems Model

  1. Leadership and Sponsorship
  2. Acountability
  3. Measurement & Tracking
  4. Management Training
  5. Communications
  6. Recognition & Rewards
  7. Process Improvement

Criteria for Ongoing Improvement
A company wants to recognize its best performers & teams for measurable results that support the values and bottom-line impact of each of the following categories:

  • Leadership Excellence:
    - Drives high performance in individuals and others
    - Models the culture of values
    - Improves leadership & ethical standards
  • Innovation:
    - Innovates for real competitive advantage
    - Delivers commercial value and cost savings
    - Provides customer value
  • Sales & Client Service:
    - New marketing drives aligned with strategy
    - Extraordinary sales performance
    - Provides excellent customer service and support

Corporate Benefits:

  • One consistent unified company
    - Embodies the company’s mission, vision, values
    - Greater consistency across an organization
    - Improve engagement and productivity among employees
    - Increase management training and leadership development
  • Consistent criteria aligned to a company’s strategic priorities
    - Align strategy with all managers and employees
    - Establish stronger clarity, unity and teamwork
    - Reduce redundancy and drive results
    - Foster clear and consistent communication
    - Ongoing leadership workshops and programs
    - More training and development for employees
  • Strengthen awareness and build recognition practices
    - Emphasize recognition that is simple and personal
    - More targeted approach to what is recognized
    - Improved employee’s experience
    - Becomes an ongoing part of the culture

Who Should Attend: This comprehensive program is for senior executives and managers. We create an educational and exciting environment to help you learn the importance of Recognition, its lasting benefits, and sustaining a competitive and proactive organization.

Event Length: 2 + Days
This comprehensive program is focused on creating a more intensive curriculum throughout an organization, with consulting engagements from 3-12 months. We help you develop all the important areas of a recognition culture, monitor results, and improve needed areas.



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