Stress Management

Stress Management

Does your career demand performing at peak physical, emotional and mental levels for ten to fourteen hours a day, six or seven days a week, for months at a time? Is your life filled with the stress of trying to achieve a balanced lifestyle? How would your output levels improve if you could harness your energy and channel “stress” into higher productivity? Top level executives have greater demands on their mental, emotional and physical strength than anyone. Learn how to channel your stress into positive energy and how to thrive in spite of a stressful work environment.

Your ability to innovate and respond rapidly and resourcefully to change and new challenges is your greatest competitive advantage. Most organizations don’t realize how they prevent creative and innovative thought amongst their employees – don’t let a high stress work environment compromise the power of your top producers to outperform the competition.

Event Overview:

Success in stress management starts with training for maximum physical and mental recovery. The impact of sustained high stress on your body depends on how well you balance the pressures of performance with meeting your recovery needs through relaxation, exercise, nutrition and self-awareness. Find out how to avoid common pitfalls threatening high-level performers and how to avoid the hidden costs associated with the stress of high career achievement.

Harness the power of your mind and body. Find the means to enhance your capacity to make accurate assessments of a situation, develop sound strategies, and move decisively to action with positive outcomes.

Who should attend?

All high-level executives, managers, and any employee who currently or potentially suffers from job-related stress.

What to Expect:

Before the workshop participants answer an in-depth online questionnaire covering stress-related issues.

Topics Covered:

  • Stress as a perception - the source of all stress is the subjective meaning we attach to an event or situation; learn how to transform those meanings thereby altering its impact.
  • How stress lowers productivity levels by compromising creativity and innovation. Research shows that stress interferes with human intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal functioning. Reduce the impact stress has on yourself and your organization and eliminate its negative impact.
  • Manage stress with exercise and nutrition strategies - consistently bring good physical, emotional and spiritual energy to every day and increase your efficiency. Alleviate stress through mindfulness, relaxation, viewpoint alterations - intentionally take a true break during the workday and render the time you spend working twice as productive.
  • Regulate and maximize your energy levels through recovery and enable effective coping with sustained high stress.
  • Establish guidelines for managing your daily life to set the stage for enhancing good energy renewal in the evening.
  • Develop a high level of "cool" and resiliency so you can harness the power of your mind and body to stay cool, calm and collected when life inevitably heats up.

Event Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Receive tailored action-plans, including personalized techniques for stress reduction and behavior modification.
  • Discover how to maximize the link between stress reduction and exercise, diet, and rest without sacrificing productivity.
  • Learn how to lower stress levels in order to skyrocket productivity and take their careers to the next level.
  • Understand how stress compromises creativity and innovation.
  • Develop personalized strategies for coping with work-life imbalances, long hours, and high pressure to perform.
  • Discover how to identify the signs and symptoms of energy loss, causes of energy shortage, strategies for replenishing energy, and how to deal with personal and professional change in a positive and proactive manner.

Post-Workshop Support:

Participants will receive follow-up support through coaching calls, e-mails and action-plans periodically updated according to participants’ personal progress and stress management development.


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