Managing The Workplace Bully

Managing The Workplace Bully

Human Resource professionals and managers are under tremendous pressures in today's workforce as they struggle to handle generational conflicts, layoffs, demanding employees, and more recently, an emergence of the "bullying" employee.

Bullying is the deliberate, hurtful and repeated mistreatment of an employee by a bully that is driven by the higher desire to control and conquer another person. Bullying is harassment and encompasses all types of mistreatment at work, and frequently leads to allegations of discrimination.

There are always warning signs of impending danger; but how do you recognize these warnings and manage the risks? Wolf Management Consultants will cover the following areas:

  • The profile of a Bully
  • The 5 T's of a Bully
  • Anger, shame, and emotional issues created through bullying tactics
  • How to recognize the bully in your workplace
  • Legal concerns
  • Putting a S.T.O.P. to bullying behaviors
  • How to Bully-proof your workplace


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