Motivating People

Motivating People

Motivation and morale are critical to maintaining a positive work environment. In addition meaningful recognition and reward programs that are implemented strategically help you maintain the high levels of performance that you know are possible from employees at every level.

This interactive, facilitated experience allows participants to engage in fun, interactive and experiential activities related to identifying and providing employees with the right motivation, rewards and recognition that will actually stimulate performance and create a motivational environment in which employees will be thrilled to work. The fundamental skills developed through these activities have practical applications for the work environment, performance management processes, and employee retention goals. The group develops best practices associated with each of the skill sets. During the program participants will:

  • Learn the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic   rewards, and the impact of each on employees, teams and the   organization
  • Develop intrinsic rewards and the process for helping employees cultivate a sense of personal pride in their work
  • Review a menu of extrinsic rewards that will have meaning to employee groups
  • Identify the factors that enable leaders to create an enjoyable and motivational work environment
  • Understand the six simple steps for developing self-motivated employees
  • Understand the three simple steps for creating empowerment zones at work
  • Identify traditional reward and recognition tools and strategies that actually work against the manager and negatively   impact work culture and team building
  • Review simple guidelines for building trust and delivering praise

Time Frame:
1/2 day

Group Size:

employees, front line-middle & senior managers, executives

interactive & experiential utilizing group activities, small group dialogues to determine effective practices relevant to the organization

Client pre-requisites:
teleconference or face-to-face meeting with facilitator to ensure alignment between curriculum, managerial growth & development goals, and organizational goals;

facilitator receives an overview of the following: the organization's current R & R practices, a description of current challenges, and an overview of organizational culture, and the link of this training to other goals and training manager's receive.


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