Proactivity and Assertiveness: Unleashing Your Potential

Proactivity and Assertiveness: Unleashing Your Potential

Workshop Overview:

Come explore the fascinating interplay between proactivity and being assertive. This workshop helps participants discover how being proactive—how choosing our behavior in certain situations—actually expands one's ability to positively influence others. How can someone increase his or her influence? By demonstrating positive assertiveness. Demonstrating assertive behavior is one way of practicing the habit of being proactive. Assertive behavior involves choice—and this is the key connection to being proactive.

Participants gain insight to their influence style through completing the Personal Influence Inventory, and then explore ways to enhance their particular influence style.

Workshop Key Topics:

  • Being Proactive: It's About Choice!
  • The Four Interpersonal Influence Styles
  • Developing Positive Assertiveness
  • What Makes Being Assertive So Great?
  • Assertiveness Styles
  • Losing the Fear
  • Guidelines to Assertiveness

Workshop Length: 1 day


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