Creating Excitement in the Workplace! A truly unique approach to revitalizing your work environment!

Creating Excitement in the Workplace! A truly unique approach to revitalizing your work environment!

Event Description

This highly customized 1-to-2 day event provides your team the opportunity and tools to boost both the top and bottom lines of your business results by putting the excitement back into the workplace. Participating in Creating Excitement in the Workplace revitalizes a team to view their work and their work environs through a brand new lens— inviting versus mundane!

Event Participants

Have you or any of your team members been heard to say, "I'm not having fun anymore"? Then Creating Excitement in the Workplace is designed for you! Participants of this event begin with a desire to enhance the environment- -to put the fun back into the workplace!

What to Expect

By participating in Creating Excitement in the Workplace, you and your team can expect to:

  • Assess your current workplace environment relative to the "excitement" factor
  • Identify specific areas to "rev up" the environment
  • Identify specific actions needed to create and sustain excitement in the workplace
  • Build the notion of "excitement" into all aspects of your work (planning, objectives setting, execution, reward & recognition)

Customized Approach

This "What's Our Excitement Factor?" diagnostic tool is completed and analyzed prior to determining the workshop content for you and your team. Once opportunity areas are identified, a Wolf Management consultant will meet with you to select the most appropriate workshop topics from a "menu" of options referred to as "Mind-Openers." Hence, no two workshops are exactly alike — the design is driven by your needs as determined by you and your people.

Pre-Event Planning:

In order to optimize a team's experience with Creating Excitement in the Workplace, it is important to do a little planning up front. Planning activities include:

  • Complete on-line assessment: What's Our Excitement Factor?
  • Meet with session facilitator to discuss assessment results
  • Agree on final topics (Mind-Openers) for your session
  • Send out communication to all participants sharing final workshop design

Menu of Mind-Openers

You tailor both the focus and the length of the event by selecting from a "Menu of Mind- Openers." These Mind-Openers encourage teams to challenge the traditional thinking of the business world, and to explore and implement fresh, innovative approaches within the work team.

The Power of Language: What You Say is What You Get!
Language creates culture! What you say and how you say it can create enthusiasm–or foster cynism. This Mind-Opener explores how the language you choose impacts how your team members feel about the work, the organization, and the future

The Future Factor: Building Belief in Tomorrow
What makes a team believe in itself and its future? When the chips are down, how do you encourage your team to hold on to its beliefs about tomorrow's success? Explore your team's belief in itself, and discover ways to build and sustain the belief in a strong, productive future with this forward-focused Mind-Opener.

Do Something Unexpected! Leadership Confidence Builders
"My boss did the coolest thing at work today!" Discover how doing something unexpected can have a "positively unexpected" impact among team members by boosting the team's confidence in your leadership ability.

Ridding the Rotten: A Rite of Passage to a New Work Environment
To create excitement today, you might first have to destroy what was. But for many of us, getting old ideas and behaviors out is harder than getting new ones in! Get a little help with this Mind-Opener by experiencing a formal "Rite of Passage" to eliminate any "rotten" ideas and behaviors that may be dragging your team down, and to clear the way for a fresh, exciting approach to accomplishing work.

I'd Tell You, But Then I'd Have to Get Rid of You: Getting Rid of the Secrecy Myth
Nothing is more destructive than keeping information from team members—except telling them that you're keeping information from them. Sure, there is sensitive information in any organization that must be handled appropriately; however, this mind opener might just cause you to think twice about what "secrecy" really does to you and your team.

We Can't Do That! Risk-Taking and Decision-Making in Your Team
Explore your team's view on risk-taking, decision-making, executive "sheltering" and control in this very down-to-earth look at the team's willingness "go where no one's gone before!"

Accountability Counts!
Does your team hold itself accountable to the things you agree to? Does everyone understand the expectations the other team members have of them, or how they're doing relative to those expectations? This Mind-Opener helps a team explore some less conventional approaches to building accountability–and trust–into its environment.

My Way or the Highway: Is That Really the Route to Get You There??

While there are times when we all want others to see things our way, it may not always be the "best" way for the team and the work that is being done. This Mind-Opener challenges team members to evaluate how skilled they are at recognizing and valuing differences and leveraging the strengths of the team.

Create a World That Makes Things Happen Right: Building Alignment in Your Team
What would it look like if you and your team consistently made things happen "right?" What skills, behaviors and attitudes would be necessary to create that world? This Mind-Opener gives your team the opportunity to define that "right" world, and then align around what it would take to get–and stay–there.

The Collaboration Sensation: Knowing When to Know Your Neighbors!
Do you and your team run the risk of becoming too insular? Do you sometimes observe a parochial approach to doing things? The ability to work effectively outside of a team is sometimes just as crucial as the ability to work within a team. This mind-opener explores the importance of collaboration with others as a way of getting work done.

Mention Tension: Yes, Conflict IS a Good Thing!
Tension and conflict is mounting within your team. Panic time? Quite the contrary! Conflict is a by-product of creating excitement--however, it needs to be acknowledged and dealt with to keep the excitement alive. This mind-opener helps an organization learn to first acknowledge tension, and then to "fight nice!"

Work doesn't end when the workshop ends. We'll help you track and evaluate your progress toward revitalizing your workplace.


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