Employee Development: The Balance of Diet, Exercise & Rest

Employee Development: The Balance of Diet, Exercise & Rest

This program is an essential workshop for any individual, employer or company. Regardless of career goals, long days and hard work, if you do not have the proper diet, exercise and mental health, you’re doing yourself a disservice; you’re performing at a lower physical and mental level than you are capable of. Excuses are easy and distractions are common, but your body and mind is your greatest asset, so learn how to maximize your potential with this indispensable program.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Food Dynamics & Nutrition
  • Forming a Proper Diet & Routine
  • Eating Patterns & Frequency
  • Body & Muscle Dynamics
  • Physical Conditioning & Exercise
  • The Essence of Rest
  • Time for Relaxation
  • Creating a Solid & Balanced Program

Diet is essential to maximize our energy, control weight, and perform at our best. We cannot afford to undermine our daily performance by skipping meals or eating inadequately. So many problems derive from a poor diet: fatigue, illness, moodiness, depression, loss of energy, inconsistent behavior, and excessive weight. Missing a meal harms the body and usually does not lead to weight loss. The body simply conserves its fat and burns muscle. Digestion alone uses over 60 percent of the body’s energy; if we are not eating correctly more energy is lost through this process. The body will also burn about 70% of calories within the first part of the day; the other 30% happens during the evening, so having a large dinner or eating late increases the chances of digestive problems and weight gain. One of the easiest ways to increase your energy and feel better is having a balanced diet and eating the right foods. We just need to spend the time and focus on what we eat and how often. Know specifically what your body type is and what it needs. Eating right is necessary for health and balance. Master your diet and you can master your life.

Physical Activity helps us improve our mental health, reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, enhances our mood and promotes a sense of well-being. Those that continually workout have higher scores for positive self-concept, more self-esteem, higher ability to perform daily activities, higher levels of alertness, and the ability to learn and retain more information. In brain research and cognitive performance, daily physical exercise is essential to the movement of blood and stimulation to the brain. Physical activity improves brain function and protects against cognitive decline—these results are similar in both young people and adults. Yet many people either under train or over train, damage muscle tissue or work against their body’s natural system. Learn the proper body dynamics and build a consistent program. It will help reduce stress and increase your mental capacity. Disciplined and consistent physical activity will increase your energy, drive, and enthusiasm for life.

Rest: Mornings are the most important part of the day, for they set the tone and pace. Having a clear mind and a rested body is crucial for success. Being properly refreshed and alert before we start again is essential in maximizing our ability and performance. Continued research shows that getting less than seven-to-eight hours of rest every night causes diminished cognitive performance and mental capacity. Sleep debt (deficient rest) causes mental, emotional, and physical fatigue. It affects the immune system, memory, and metabolism. Getting to sleep later or breaking your sleeping pattern also has a profound effect on the quality of rest. Even with the proper eight hours, going to sleep past 10 p.m. can often lower the quality of sleep and hinder your performance the next day. Learn to listen to your body and give it the proper attention—it is often the best indicator of what you need.

Relaxation: While work is important, establishing a balanced life is essential. What we do to relax helps bring stability to our mind and improves performance. Working too much or continually becoming overwhelmed by events simply adds tension and stress. Learn to find balance. Create time for yourself to enjoy the week: take a walk, play a sport, or do something you really enjoy. Get involved in company programs, outside clubs or other pursuits. Whether it’s playing tennis, running, meeting friends or reading, make time for it. These interludes are just as important as work and other responsibilities. Getting out and having fun can clear the mind and improve our overall outlook. Relaxation calms our stress and puts everything in perspective. Learn to balance obligations with fun and enjoyment—moments where you can reconnect with your thoughts and open up your mind to ideas. You will accomplish more in a day by remaining calm and composed, so learn to relax and spend some time doing the things you enjoy.

Program Benefits:

  • Creating a specific diet tailored to your body type
  • Designing a proper exercise routine
  • Increases your energy & drive
  • Improving your overall performance
  • Feeling more relaxed & confident
  • Understanding all the elements of work/life balance

Who Should Attend:
This program is for all employees and should be an essential requirement at every company. By investing in your employees, you’re showing commitment, improving performance, and reducing sick days, absences and retention. From small groups to large corporations, Wolf Management offers tailored programs that fit your objectives and needs. Accountability and commitment are essential for a successful program.

Event Length: ½ and 1 Day
Although this program can be tailored from ½ to 1 day, it can also be run over a longer period of time and incorporated throughout the company.



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