Generational Differences: What’s Wrong with These Kids Today?

Generational Differences: What’s Wrong with These Kids Today?

(Half-day executive workshop format)


Generational perspectives impact management styles, teamwork, ethics, volunteering, day-to-day performance issues, and even societal trends. This program is about attracting, retaining, and dealing with workers, vendors, trustees, bosses, and other stakeholders in the success of your enterprise.

Having worked through generational issues in both business and nonprofit settings, Vince Crew shares research, insight into trends, and stimulates conversation on specific strategies and tactics to address inter-generational effectiveness.


  • Examine the key events that influenced each generation using the REACH Generation Grid ©.
  • Learn what turns each generation "off' and on".
  • Design your own action plan to tackle once you're back at the office.


Owner, Executive, Administrator Department Head/Manager

Your facilitator: Vince Crew


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