How Healthy is Your Workplace

How Healthy is Your Workplace

What is Your Wellness Factor/Quotient?

With an average return of between $2 to $4 for every $1 spent among employers who have implemented a wellness program, it’s no surprise that over 80% of companies with 50+ employees have wellness programs. Today’s high achieving workforce expects their efforts to be supported by management. Don’t let your competitors lure talent away from your organization. Are you doing everything possible to keep your human capital happy, healthy, productive and loyal?

Workplace wellness creates a win-win situation: employees benefit from a healthier lifestyle and lower insurance premiums, while employers reduce costs through higher productivity, less employee turnover, and lower absenteeism. Nearly 50% of workers surveyed agree that wellness benefits encourage them to work harder and that wellness offerings encourage them to stay in their current employment.

Employee health and fitness increases your company’s bottom-line returns. Over $130 billion a year in health care costs are related to overweight and inactivity. The statistics are staggering: 80% of all illness is preventable; at least 50% of diabetes associated with obesity can be prevented with diet alone; and, over 50% of people between the ages of 40 and 60 in the United States suffer from Metabolic Syndrome. Simple workplace changes can dramatically reduce this costly trend. Don’t be left behind. Workplace wellness works.

Event Overview:

After an online questionnaire, our wellness expert will visit your site to make a comprehensive evaluation and assess your health/wellness-factor.

Wellness Factors Covered:

Energize Employees with Nutritional Support

Do the foods and beverages on offer in your cafeteria and vending machines encourage a productive, sustained and energized workforce?

Do you provide proper facilities to encourage employees to stay energized and prevent costly diseases and disabilities?

Learn what to “order in” for productive meetings and late-night projects. Keep your workforce happy, healthy and productive throughout their longest days.

Office Ergonomics – Learn how simple alterations to office layout and smart furniture choices can energize and motivate your workforce. Eliminate lower back pain, repetitive stress injuries, and sleep-deprived “disengaged” drones. Of high-level workers surveyed, 62% routinely find that they end the day with work-related neck pain, 44% reported stressed-out eyes, and 38% complained of hurting hands.

Energize your Workforce.

Do you provide those extra incentives to show your human capital that you care about their health? Do you encourage health and fitness amongst your most talented assets? Too many workers put in 12 hour days, skip lunch and don’t take breaks. This pattern destroys productivity and morale. Learn how to introduce small changes that will produce dramatic and noticeable results.

Stress Management

The most frequently cited source of stress is workplace stress. 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress, and 42% say their coworkers need such help. Stress is a major cause of many costly and debilitating illnesses. Is your office stress level dangerous? Do you monitor stress levels amongst your employees? Find out ways to turn potentially damaging stressors into tools for motivation. Learn how to create an environment that alleviates and prevents burnout and costly de-motivation.


Learn how to provide your employees with the tools they need to sustain their growth and increase their productivity. Are you doing all you can to prevent diseases like depression, diabetes, hypertension, and other costly disorders that plague employees? Find out which strategies will keep your talent from looking to your competitors for a healthier, happier work environment? Get the edge over the competition by keeping your workforce informed and self-responsible. Our consultant provides educational materials and follow-up workshops for your employees to attend.

Event Outcomes

Participants will receive a full evaluation of their work environment’s health quotient and a tailor-made set of practical, easily implemented solutions to increase their workplace wellness factor and thereby:

  1. Reduce employee absenteeism - healthier employees spend fewer days away from work due to illness, saving your company thousands and even millions of dollars
  2. Slice health-care costs - it costs employers an average of $1500 MORE per year to insure an obese employee than it does someone of average weight.
  3. Stem employee turnover - company sponsored wellness programs send a clear message to employees that management values them and their well-being. Over 40% of job turnover is due to stress – help your workers stay loyal and healthy.
  4. Create higher productivity levels - corporate wellness programs play a key role in maintaining and improving productivity and employee morale.
  5. See significant savings to the bottom-line and a high ROI – corporations have saved over $6 for every $1 spent on worksite health promotion and disease prevention programs.

Who should attend?

All human resources managers, all supervisors, all managers, all high level executives, and any employee striving to create a superior work environment.


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