Retaining Your Employees – Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Retaining Your Employees – Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Module Overview:

This module explores the challenges and provides practical strategies to the critical business issue of getting good people to stay in an organization. Not worried about that issue? Maybe you should be. When was the last time one of your most talented employees was stolen by the competition, or just left for ‘unknown’ reasons? Did you find out why? What are you doing to prevent if from happening again? With your colleagues, you will discuss the importance of first identifying the talented people on your team, and then applying practical techniques as a manager to keep these people.

Module Outcomes

  • Clearly understand why talent attraction and retention is a critical business issue.
  • Learn  to use practical tools that help managers make a difference when it comes to creating an environment to attract and then retain good talent.
  • Begin  an action plan to address their own retention priorities.

Module Topics

  • Why is Retention So Important?
  • What Keeps People?
  • Who Are Your Stars?
  • Retention Strategies A to Z
  • Becoming a Retention-Focused Manager


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