Ethics, Virtues and Values at Work: Raising the Bar

Ethics, Virtues and Values at Work: Raising the Bar

Ethics and Values are key drivers for all businesses and organizations. They are the glue that holds an organization together. Whether spoken or unspoken, they embody the culture of an organization and influence the performance and productivity of its people, the buy-in of its stakeholders, and the confidence of its customers - internal and external. The services offered by Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. under this area include presentations for annual business and association meetings, workshops & seminars for companies, and assistance in strategic alignment of values & ethics with business processes and plans.

Specifically our work will help participants:

  • Assess their own values and ethics and the behavioral/attitudinal impact that they have on the business environment;
  • Assess the ethical challenges and opportunities for managers and how those challenges impact a business unit's culture, performance and client relationships;
  • Develop systemic solutions to age-old value/ethical conflicts within the workplace and how to balance ethical behaviors and managerial/executive visions, goals, and tasks;
  • Conduct a values audit within their organization;
  • Develop creative solutions for maintaining a value-based culture at every level of the organization.

So often the discussion of values and ethics can be as dry as dirt or laden with the presenters own personal or spiritual messages. That's not what this presentation is about. It is about "YOU" and the type of culture that your organization wants to maintain and exude to its internal and external customers. It is about helping your company become a Company of Choice, a Partner of Choice, an Employer of Choice and a Neighbor of Choice.

*The Raising the Bar presentation is 45-90 minutes in length.

*The Raising the Bar seminar is 1-2 days

*The Raising the Bar OD/HR support services are variable, depending on the requests of the organization


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