Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

What Is D&I?

The face of the workforce is changing more dramatically now than ever before.  The topic of Diversity and Inclusion is at the forefront of these changes; however, many organizations are having difficulties utilizing the diverse talents and perspectives of their work groups.  Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help all employees explore the rich variety of cultural perspectives in their organization as they relate to accomplishing business goals.  D&I focuses on how we view ourselves and others and how that perception affects the way employees work together.

Who Should Attend D&I?

D&I is recommended for every employee in the company.  Without each employee having a true understanding of diversity and its effects on business, minimal change will take place.

Topic Areas Covered in D&I

  • The Four-Step Process for Stereotyping
  • Unwritten Rules
  • Modes of Perception
  • Models of Inclusion / Exclusion
  • Diversity Checking
  • Positive Interaction
  • Management Processes in Diversity

What Are the Outcomes of D&I?

At the conclusion of D&I, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Recognize how stereotypes are formed
  • Understand the implications of diversity on business goals
  • Recognize personal biases
  • Use a series of steps to confront stereotypical behavior
  • Demonstrate how to interact positively

How Is D&I Conducted?

D&I is designed to be a highly interactive and enjoyable workshop offered in traditional classroom, online, and blended methods with experiential exercises assisting the learner to acquire, practice and transfer the concepts and skills back on the job.


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