Leveraging Your Energy for Total Capacity Performance

Leveraging Your Energy for Total Capacity Performance

CREATE AN ENERGY EXPLOSION A Series of Programs and Services to Intensify and Sustain the Energy Levels of Yourself and Your Attorneys and Boost the Productivity of Your Law Firm

Sustained high energy is an essential component of successfully meeting the demanding performance requirements on every attorney in your firm. Create an Energy Explosion, a unique series of highly customized workshops and coaching programs, explores simple ways lawyers can train themselves and their peers to maximize their productivity by managing their energy levels efficiently. Increasing the capacity of its human capital allows your firm to utilize all of its talent and skills at full ignition —a must for the sustained productivity that will keep your firm racing ahead of the competition.

Our programs address energy levels through the integration of mind and body. The body is the source of all energy: the health and fitness of your attorneys means more than their "feel good" factor. Physical performance is the foundational component to high mental performance and productivity.

By participating in these workshops, attorneys will not only be investing in the success of the firm and its clients, they will also be investing in themselves.

Wolf Management Consultants will ensure that every lawyer in your firm knows how to create an energy explosion!

The Legal Athlete 180  - Make a Total Turnaround

Create and experience a personal energy explosion with a total lifestyle turnaround. Imagine working efficiently with focus all day long week after week. Imagine feeling as good at the end of the day as the beginning. Imagine being physically, emotionally and mentally stronger than ever. How much would your performance increase if you skillfully managed your energy levels by fully integrating a total lifestyle approach to building and maintaining your stamina? Change your energy dynamic and boost your performance both at work and at home. Make a total turnaround and create lasting, meaningful performance increases in every aspect of your life. Stand out as a lawyer and a producer and look and feel great doing it. Take your game to a higher level and outperform the competition.

Smart Nutrition for Optimal Performance

Are you working efficiently all day long? Are you managing your energy levels for high performance and consistently getting the results you need at work to surpass the competition? Do you feel tired and drained at the end of the day? Do you rely on caffeine to get you through the afternoon? Do you skip meals because you are so busy that you don’t have time to eat? Food is fuel for the brain as much as for the body; eating the right foods is directly linked to higher brain performance, stamina and energy levels. Learn how to eat smarter to work smarter and better, increasing your energy levels so you can race past your competitors.

Survival of the Fittest – High ROI Workouts

How much more could you accomplish if your energy levels were as high at the end of the day as at the start? How much would your productivity improve if you had better ideas, better thoughts and higher energy levels on a consistent basis throughout the day? Exercise promotes greater energy thus allowing higher performance. Research has consistently shown that people who exercise regularly perform better and contribute more. Higher level attorneys have an even greater need to remain fit and healthy, due to the extreme pressures for their time and energy. Learn how to maximize limited time and irregular, demanding schedules to get the highest return from your workouts. Never skip a workout again.

Stress Management for the High Performing Attorney

Does your career demand performing at peak physical, emotional and mental levels for ten to fourteen hours a day, six or seven days a week, for months at a time? Is your life filled with the stress of trying to achieve a balanced lifestyle? How would your output levels improve if you could harness your energy and channel “stress” into higher productivity? Top level attorneys have greater demands on their mental, emotional and physical strength than anyone. Learn how to channel your stress into positive energy and how to thrive in spite of a stressful work environment.

How Healthy Is Your Law Firm Culture?

Today's high achievers expect their efforts to be supported by management. Don't let your competitors lure talent away from your firm. Are you doing everything possible to keep your associates happy, healthy, productive and loyal? Learn simple ways to reduce the costs of lost productivity, attorney turnover and absenteeism. Help avoid burnout and keep your greatest assets healthy, wealthy and loyal. Don't be left behind. Workplace wellness works.


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