Executive 180

Executive 180

Create and experience a personal energy explosion with a total lifestyle turnaround. Imagine working efficiently with focus all day long week after week. Imagine feeling as good at the end of the day as the beginning. Imagine being physically, emotionally and mentally stronger than ever. How much would your performance increase if you skillfully managed your energy levels by fully integrating a total lifestyle approach to building and maintaining your stamina? Change your energy dynamic and boost your performance both at work and at home.

As a high level performer are you stuck in a cycle of pressure and sacrifice with no chance for recovery, renewal and regeneration? Research has consistently shown that fitter, healthier people who maintain a balance between work life and family life are more productive, by a substantial margin. Don’t lag behind the competition because one area of your life gets neglected. Everything affects everything.

Recognizing how achieving synergy between your career and personal life creates an energy abundance that flows through everything you do is the first step to leveraging your strengths in one area into compounding returns in the others. Make a total turnaround and create lasting, meaningful performance increases in every aspect of your life. Stand out as a leader and a producer and look and feel great doing it.

The start of the new year is a psychologically ripe time for transition. Take advantage of a fresh beginning to identify clearly your priorities and goals for all areas of your life – a fresh focus on your health and happiness can only improve your work performance. Mobilize your energies and organize your efforts for a total lifestyle turnaround and attain “full engagement”.

We know how busy you are; taking time to change your life doesn’t always seem realistic, but the benefits are astounding. We bring a total solution to you so that you don’t have to integrate separate solutions.

Stop taking your health for granted, find out how much better your performance could be if you applied the effort you put into your business to all areas of your life. Take your game to a higher level and outperform the competition.

Event Overview:

Pre-event: Participants will answer a comprehensive “360 Degree Lifestyle Assessment” online questionnaire covering health and fitness, intellectual and emotional intelligence, family and social life, stress and time management, quality of life, workplace environment and total life satisfaction.

Results of the online assessment will be used during the event to create a tailor-made event completely addressing the specific needs of its participants.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, top-level executives, managers, supervisors and anyone who is ready to skyrocket their performance levels.

Event Main Topics:

  1. How performance, health and happiness are all grounded in the skillful management of energy
  2. How health, work, and personal life are intertwined and affect performance levels
  3. Even small changes can have a huge impact, so long as they are smart changes
  4. How to leverage your energy into full engagement and create compounding returns
  5. Master and understand the interconnectedness between those aspects of life that tend to get compartmentalized for survival in today’s high pressure workplace
  6. Ways high level achievers tend to undermine their own efforts without realizing the impact on their bottom line
  7. Maintaining balance when traveling overseas, on-the-go, and in unusually stressful situations.

Event Outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. Learn how to utilize the power that the knowledge that energy flows from all areas of one’s life to supercharge their careers
  2. Receive a detailed action plan for every area of life with personalized strategies for making real and lasting positive change including a health and fitness program, nutrition and lifestyle program, workplace/office makeover, and concrete outlines for creating a strong body, heart and mind.
  3. Find ways realistic strategies for troubleshooting “energy drain” situations
  4. Manage their energy in a systematic fashion and learn how to appreciate and measure the results creating an upward spiral of productivity gains

Follow Up

The post-event interaction is as crucial as the event itself. Participants will embark on individual coaching plans including calls, e-mails and individualized exercise, nutrition and personal lifestyle plans that continue until participant goals are reached (generally 3-12 months). Participants will be able to track their progress and see how a win in one area leads to wins in all areas. Full support of a consultant will make long-term results absolutely sustainable.

Length: One to Two Full days – (depending on number of participants and the depth of their goal-setting commitment).


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