Workplace Communication

Workplace Communication

You will find the ability to communicate successfully on EVERY top 10 list of Essential Leadership Skills. Moreover, when broken down into its core components, you will often find communication skills comprise 30-60% of ANY list of Essential Skills for Workplace Success! Simply stated, the foundation of Leadership is Communication! Perhaps the greatest mistake a leader can make is to take Communication for granted and underestimate its importance in maintaining the competitive edge.

Join renowned Business Coach and dynamic Professor of Communication, Jeff Klubeck, as he partners with professional actors and acclaimed workplace experts and trainers, Kit Goldman and Guillermo Mendez, for this interactive, fast-paced, humor-laced, high impact, in-depth training experience!

A careful balance of "best practices" research, realistic and powerful theatrical episodes, and interactive exercises will engage and immerse you. You will learn why Communication underpins effective leadership, what underpins effective Communication, and how to practically apply this knowledge for tangible, positive change.

Workshop Length: ½ day, full day, and 2-day versions can be customized to meet your exact needs and budget

Who Needs This Training? Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Executives and the teams they lead (especially "Key Talent or Leadership Potentials")

Workshop Outcomes

You will learn:

  • The difference between intent and impact of your messages and how to bridge that gapHow to increase confidence AND clarity of self-expression
  • How to increase confidence AND clarity of self-expression
  • Essential conflict resolution and prevention strategies
  • How to use enhanced listening skills to positively influence others
  • The forms and functions of non-verbal communication in the workplace
  • How to overcome barriers to listening, critical thinking, and objectivity
  • How to expand self-awareness, eliminate defensive responses, and stay open to feedback and collaboration
  • What "we bring" to communication and how to reduce misunderstandings and conflict
  • What receiver-based communication is all about -- AND what to do about it!

Key learning components:

  • What IS Communication?
  • Non-linguistic Communication
  • Listening for influence and success
  • Critical thinking and barriers to objectivity
  • Intent vs. impact: bridging the gap
  • Workplace hostility: prevention and resolution
  • Understanding communication and behavioral styles: our own and others
  • Using psychometric assessments
  • Emotional survival, state of mind, communication of needs

What clients say about "Workplace Communication"

  • "Jeff, Kit and Memo do a fabulous job illustrating the critical points and principals of communication. This was very valuable to me professionally! I can't think of any place else where it would have been so crystal clear and on target. A great value!"
  • "Very relevant! I come across the situations we explored all the time and now, with these new tools, I'm better prepared to address the issues"
  • "The whole program was well presented and I loved the small class for more one-on-one participation!!"
  • "The format was fantastic! Jeff, Memo and Kit were incredibly knowledgeable and the acting was great!"


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