Woman and Self-Promotion: A Valid Business Development Technique

Woman and Self-Promotion: A Valid Business Development Technique

Workshop Overview

In 2005, only 17% of the partners at major law firms nationwide were women. One reason why: women tend to be more uncomfortable than their male counterparts when it comes to promoting themselves in the workplace. Ask yourself: when was the last time you told someone outside your family that you had achieved a particular milestone in the workplace? Research shows that the number 1 best practice for advancing women in business is self-promotion. In fact, self-promotion is not only appropriate, but expected. In this workshop, you will explore reasons why some women are not focused on this important activity, and come to recognize the critical connection of self-promotion and building a solid book of business. You will learn specific strategies to ensure that personal achievements are recognized by not only those who govern an organization—but by existing and prospective clients as well.

Come to this workshop, find your style, and self-promote!

Workshop Outcomes

Participants of this workshop will leave with:

  • A new comfort level with promoting their own accomplishments in the workplace.
  • An understanding of the roadblocks unique to women when it comes to self-promotion, and specific strategies for overcoming those roadblocks.
  • An understanding of the need for a personal network within which to self-promote.
  • A plan for building and maintaining an effective network.
  • Self-promotion best practices shared by colleagues in the workshop.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Is Self-Promotion Self-Indulgent? … And Other Myths of Self Promotion
  • The Self-Promotion/Business Development Connection
  • Highlighting You—While Making it About Them
  • You Can’t Self-Promote if You Don’t Have a Network!
  • Building Your Networking Strategy
  • Keeping Your Network Alive
  • Self-Promotion Best Practices

Workshop Length:

½ day


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