Values Based Selling

Values Based Selling

Workshop Overview

Are you selling a commodity? Is the field crowded with too many good options for buyers interested in your product? Do you find that in order to close the deal, you have to make concessions and price cuts that erode your profit margins? Or, are you trying to sell an intangible, a service that not all potential buyers are convinced they need? And finally, are your sales people challenged with overcoming the dismissive, “I already have a vendor for that” objection?

If any of these apply to your organization, Values Based Selling is the solution for you. In this session, we help participants identify, claim and articulate the value that they personally bring to the equation. Clearly, the ability to articulate the company and/or product features and benefits over the competition is a critical aspect of selling, but all too often the uniqueness of the selling individual and what they bring to the table is overlooked. If your sales employees can’t answer the question, “Why should I buy from YOU?” then you need Values Based Selling!

Workshop Outcomes

Through a combination of facilitated brainstorming, individual exercises, and presentation, participants will be able to connect to and claim the value that they contribute to the sales process. Especially in service oriented sales, and commoditized product sales, we move participants past the benefits and features of their product that may or may not (in the eyes of the buyer) be different from the buyers’ current vendor/supplier, towards a value equation that only the sales person can provide. Sales people learn to identify what truly matters to the buyer, what they value most, and then how to satisfy those requirements.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Experienced top producing sales people – to “sharpen their pencils” and reconnect to the very things that made them successful in the first place.
  • Brand new sales people – to discover how the experiences they have had can help them realize success in sales.
  • Sales management professionals – to continue to contribute to the growth of their direct reports, and the bottom line, sales managers need to attend in order to continue to be a valuable resource in their organizations. Learn valuable tools that will augment current coaching and development strategies.
  • Product development project managers – learn to better articulate your vision to the sales department, and learn the difficulties that sales encounters when selling the products they develop.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Unraveling misconceptions that we have about our target prospects.
  • Demystifying the “big dogs,” prospects that are perceived to be “un-gettable.”
  • Do you really know what your prospects and clients want?
  • Tell your “story” without the other person tuning out.
  • Getting in front of more prospects - developing differentiating statements that inspire return phone calls, and improve your “contact to meeting” activity ratios.

Workshop Duration: 1 day



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