Train the Trainer: Who Wants to be a Trainer?

Train the Trainer: Who Wants to be a Trainer?

A Practical, Fun Way to Becoming a First Class Training Professional!

Our Train-the-Trainer Philosophy:
Our train-the-trainer workshop is founded on the philosophy that adults learn best by first seeing and then practicing new behaviors and skills. Therefore, we use a highly interactive approach to developing effective trainer skills. The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to not only observe effective instructor skills and techniques as a student, but also provides ample opportunity to practice those skills and techniques as an instructor. Individualized feedback regarding strengths and opportunities to grow is critical, and is an integral part of the workshop. One of the most powerful feedback tools—videotape—is used to support the feedback element of the workshop. Throughout the workshop, the instructors continually model the skills and behaviors of effective trainers.


Workshop Title: "So, Who Wants to Be a Trainer?"

Workshop Outcomes

Participants of the workshop will:

  • Develop an appreciation of adult learning theory, and be able   to apply that theory as an instructor
  • Learn and use various techniques to enhance learning and increase   participation
  • Learn facilitation skills to manage the group dynamics in   the classroom
  • Portray self-confidence and positive presence
  • Understand and be able to employ the various roles of an effective   instructor
  • Identify and practice using key audio-visual tools
  • Discover ways to effectively co-train

Workshop Length: 3 days



Module 1: So, You Want to Be a Trainer?

  • Intro Exercise: "The Best   Trainer I Ever Had!"
    - Participant Intros and Readout
  • Participant Expectations
  • Review of Agenda/Objectives
  • Introduction/Role of Facilitators
    - How we'll help meet your expectations and workshop objectives
  • Setting Group Agreements                
  • Introspection Time: Inventorying Your Training Skills (Self-assessment)
    - Identifying Your Strengths and Opportunities
    - Setting Personal Development Objectives


Module 2: Behind the Scenes: You Can't Get On Stage Without Being Here First

  • The Adult Learning Model:   The "Discovery Learning" Approach
  • Do I Get a Script? Preparing   Yourself
  • Setting the Stage: Preparing   the Room

"Teach the Group How to ...."

"I'm Nervous!" Making the butterflies fly in formation


Module 3: Making it to the Hot Seat: You Gotta Know the Basics!

  • The Tricks of the Trade:  Basic Trainer Techniques:
  • The Tricks of the Trade:   Effective Trainer Behaviors
  • The Trainer as a Teacher:   Using the "Tell" and "Ask" Styles
  • What's Your Trainer Style?
    - "I Speak Your Language" Communication Style Instrument
    - Introspection Time: Enhancing My Communication Style in the Classroom

"Demonstrating the Basics"

ANXIETY BUSTER SESSION #2 (Practice Debrief)
"I Don't Know the Answer!" Maintaining your credibility when you don't know it all.


Module 4: Are You Ready to Play? Starting the Game

  • The Psychology of a Workshop Intro
  • A Trainer's Guide to Successful Workshop Introductions
  • Making a Good First Impression

"Opening a Workshop"

ANXIETY BUSTER SESSION #3 (Practice Debrief)
"Help! I have prisoners, vacationers and wannabes!" Dealing with varying interest levels within a group.


Module 5: Hosting the Game With Style: Group Process and Management

  • Group Process Basics: The Facilitation Process Model
  • Selecting and Using the Best Learning Method:
  • Group Management Techniques

"Setting Up/Debriefing an Exercise"

"I Have a Difficult Participant!" Techniques to Turn Around Difficult Participants.


Module 6: The Magic of ‘Asking the Audience’— Interactive Techniques

  • Understanding Learner Motivation
  • Questions and Active Listening: Your Secret Weapons!
  • Techniques to Keep Interest High and Frustration and/or Boredom Low

"Using Interactive Techniques"

ANXIETY BUSTER SESSION #5 (Practice Debrief)
"They're Not responding!" Deciphering and Addressing Group Silence.


Module 7: Life Lines —Getting Help From Audio-Visual Support

  • Interjecting Life into Training with Audio-Visual Support
  • Pros and Cons of Using Various Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Tips for On-line Training


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