Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Applying Total Quality Management (TQM) principles in your organization can make a significant difference in the business results you achieve! By adopting and adhering to the philosophy and values that underlie TQM, you create an organizational culture that is aligned with meeting the needs of both your internal and external customers.


TQM provides the focus for organization-wide continuous improvement based on three fundamental elements: planning, managing, and improving. TQM is led and practiced by senior managers, but is only achieved with participation from the people in the organization. Functional teams —often referred to as Quality Improvement Teams — work together with the aid of proven tools and techniques to optimize organizational performance.

Wolf Management Consultants can help make Total Quality Management the foundation for how your organization does business. Our experience has taught us that successful TQM implementation requires an organization to consider two critical elements at the outset of its effort:

1. Providing the appropriate context, knowledge and skills to all organization members

2. Ensuring that the organization's infrastructure supports the TQM efforts

For this reason, Wolf Management offers both TQM workshops, customized for each client, and consulting services to ensure the TQM effort is culturally viable, sustainable, and becomes integral to how you run your organization.

TQM Workshops

Our TQM workshops are designed to strengthen both understanding and application of the concepts and skills that are necessary for successful implementation and on-going execution of TQM. Workshops support the fundamental elements of TQM, as outlined below:


  • Total Quality Management: What Does it Mean for Your Organization?
  • Leadership: The Force Behind TQM
  • The Golden Thread: Planning for Breakthrough Improvements


  • Make Your Processes Work! The Key to Process Management
  • Building Supplier Alliances: Supplier Selection and Monitoring
  • Shared Expectations: Enhancing Customer/Supplier Relationships


  • The Quality Improvement Cycle: From Better to Best
  • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving


  • Leading Management/ Improvement Teams
  • The Magic of Facilitation

While all workshops are offered on a ‘stand-alone‘ basis, most organizations find that their TQM efforts are best supported by creating a customized program, selecting the right combination of workshops to meet their unique needs. Whether stand-alone or part of a customized program, all workshops are generally adapted to reflect the individual client's context.

TQM Consulting Services

Former AT&T quality consultants provide our TQM consulting services. These professionals have years of experience coaching leaders in successfully integrating the TQM philosophy into their organizations. They work with organization leaders to address the broader picture of implementing a Total Quality Management approach to doing business. Consultants provide guidelines and support in dealing with two critical dimensions of TQM: people and infrastructure.

  • People
    The people in the organization are instrumental in determining the success if your TQM efforts! Therefore, it is critical that organization leaders pay careful attention to several key responsibilities at the outset of a TQM initiative:
    - Setting the context for the TQM effort
    - Clearly communicating the benefits of implementing TQM as a way of doing business
    - Providing the necessary knowledge and skills to individuals and quality teams
    - Appropriately rewarding the efforts and successes of people/teams
  • Infrastructure
    The best of intentions on the part of organization leaders can be thwarted by infrastructure! Our consultants guide leaders through an informal assessment to determine how the following key elements of infrastructure align with a Total Quality Management approach to doing business:
    - Reward and recognition
    - Performance evaluation
    - Work processes/work flows
    - Technology
    - Leadership philosophy
    - Systems

When leaders forget to address the dimensions of people and infrastructure, they may inadvertently create an environment of suspicion and/or compliance versus commitment on the part of organization members. For this reason, Wolf Management recommends that an organization conduct an Organizational Readiness Assessment to determine how prepared an organization is to implement and sustain TQM as a way of doing business. Wolf Management consultant's help leaders conduct and interpret the results of the assessment. Appropriate recommendations are made based on the results.

As you can see, our comprehensive, integrated approach guarantees success in making TQM a way of life for your organization!


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