Time Management

Time Management

Event Overview

So much to do – so little time to do it in! Everyone is faced with these dilemmas on a day-to-day basis. Is this what my boss really wants me to work on? What will the client say if I don’t get this to them by the end of the day? Which of these piles of work on my desk is the most important for me to deal with and will give me the biggest bang for my buck? You really have more control than you think and you make choices every minute of every day – you want to make sure they’re the right choices at the right time. This event allows the participant to reflect on their own personal time management system to determine if that system is working effectively and yielding the proper results.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who want to become more productive at work by managing their time, tasks, and appointments more appropriately.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • An understanding of what constitutes "productivity" in the workplace
  • An appreciation for the true meaning of "time management” and what is at the root of it
  • Identification of what they do and don’t have control over during the work day
  • Knowledge of how to differentiate between tasks and appointments and a knowledge of how to prioritize in order to do the "right" things first
  • An appreciation for the benefits of planning and why most people avoid planning
  • Differentiation between events that are “urgent’ and those that are “important” and how to approach each
  • Definition of what constitutes long-term plans and utilizing a model for planning them
  • Knowledge of how to execute weekly planning and daily planning and how they support each other
  • Strategies for coping with various kinds of interruptions in order to handle the interruption and get back on track quickly
  • Identification of the reasons we procrastinate and brainstorm ways to overcome it

Event Length

This event runs two hours. It can be delivered in one session or two 1-hour sessions.


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