Tell Your Story!

Tell Your Story!

Workshop Overview

Like a deer in the headlights, too many salespeople can’t answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?” Most can list the features of their product versus the competition, or why the strength and stability of their company is superior to that of another; some can even get more personal, satisfying an identified customer need with a specific benefit of their product or company. Tell Your Story leads each participant down a path to connecting personally to the value they bring to the sales equation, beyond features and benefits.

As more products and services become commoditized, consumers are more aware of fewer differentiating factors between companies…consequently becoming more and more concerned with cost as a bottom line decision maker. It all comes down to your salespeople and how they can communicate value and inspire a positive buying decision for your organization. This session will help you hone in on your true differentiating factors and message them into a concise story to share with potential clients and clients alike!

Workshop Outcomes

This session is heavy with practice through role playing. We will also do a bit of presentation, and challenge participants through some personal introspection to connect to the core value that they bring to the sales equation. Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Insight into what their clients want and value, and techniques for figuring it out.
  • A Differentiating Statement, their personalized concise message to tell their own story…and get people to listen!
  • An understanding and plan of how to get this message to their potential customers.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Anyone who wants to grow their business and thinks that they have tried everything!
  • Top producing sales people who want to make more money and push through a performance plateau.
  • Novice sales people – make sure you are doing the things that make sales people successful.
  • Sales management professionals – make sure you have everything in your arsenal in order to help your sales people meet and exceed both their company assigned and personal sales goals.
  • People who feel that their industry or offerings have become commoditized and people are not seeing how wonderful they are!

Workshop Key Topics

  • Exploring why you need to Tell Your Story
  • Getting real – uncovering what you bring to the table that is uniquely you.
  • Determining client values and needs, and how to tell the difference.
  • The Differentiating Statement - articulating our value with confidence.
  • Boost your call to meeting ratios with some proven scripts for getting attention.

Workshop Duration: 1 day



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