Team Health Check

Team Health Check

Teams can often be working well enough to do the job, but without really unlocking the potential that they have within themselves. The most effective teams pause once in a while to review the quality of their teamwork.

The Team Health Check process is designed to assess a team’s current effectiveness. The intervention is a data-driven process, with both qualitative and quantitative data elicited from team members. The purpose of this process is to help the team find ways to improve its performance in delivering its goals, and to increase member satisfaction with working on the team. The emphasis is on the team helping itself.

Key Outcomes:

  • Provides an independent assessment of team performance or effectiveness
  • The team is assessed against criteria derived from general attributes that make a team perform well, but also tailored to suit the particular   requirements of the team
  • The quantitative data provide a very powerful form of feedback that motivates the team to engage in significant changes of behavior, when necessary
  • The qualitative data ensure that all relevant issues are addressed, not just those covered by the generic questionnaire headings
  • The Team Health Check operates under rules of ‘confidentiality’ and ‘safety’, which means that the report has only a positive effect on team functioning, and no one has anything to fear from the process
  • Enables alignment of team members around improvements, plans, and strategies to yield optimal performance
  • Ensures mobilization of team members with commitments to future operations


  • Established, functioning work groups
  • Team leaders and team members
  • Group size: 6-25 individuals

The most highly effective teams have a broad ownership of, and a high level of participation in the team's tasks -- and the ways in which everyone works together to achieve them. Team members and leaders share responsibility for the effectiveness of the team.

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