Tapping into Untapped Resources

Tapping into Untapped Resources

Workshop Overview

Is your organization a sales organization. No, we’re not suggesting that you cater to your sales department. What we are suggesting is that the success of sales in your organization is not just the responsibility of the sales leadership and frontline salespeople. The most successful organizations define every position as one that can influence sales success.

Help everyone in your organization feel more connected to sales and sales successes. From operational employees to fulfillment employees to customer service representatives and the CEO (and everyone in between) this workshop will help you to begin to create a company culture that revolves around growth. Geared primarily towards leadership, this workshop can be customized for any audience within your organization, after initial leadership training, to support your efforts towards building a thriving sales organization.

Workshop Outcomes

Workshop participants will leave this session with a common language and set of tools to take back to the office, to communicate and engage their teams in the organization’s sales efforts. Likewise, key non-management leaders can demonstrate their leadership potential by being a part of the growth initiative from the start.

United behind a growth culture, your organizations leadership can literally turn the dial in one day. Conversely, when even one department head is resistant, the whole initiative is put in jeopardy. Identify where your leadership weaknesses may be, and determine how to take action.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Management professionals with direct reports, across all departments within your organization – critical to gaining buy-in to the initiative, every department manager in your organization should attend.
  • Department leads, key influencers – identified employees within departments who are not in management positions can be your best allies. Get in front of potential backlash by engaging these people from the beginning.
  • Key C-level leadership – for any major initiative such as this to succeed, the key leadership in your organization must support, be able to speak to, and be totally bought-in.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Assess your team, identify your strong and weak spots, and devise a plan for implementation.
  • Communicating and getting everyone rallied around common goals.
  • Empowering and challenging everyone to sell.
  • The receptionist is a sales person…get outta here!
  • Reframing people’s definition of sales.
  • How to get everyone engaged: Quick low-cost, low-effort ways to recognize and reward employee participation in growth activities.
  • Where does my paycheck come from anyway?

Workshop Duration: 1 Day.



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