Strategy - Optimization vs. Creating Value

Strategy - Optimization vs. Creating Value

Strategy is planning prior to engagement, which focuses on the realization of the organization’s mission. Therefore, this is an external orientation or focus on effectiveness; deciding on how you choose to satisfy client needs. Critical factors that attract buyers are found in similar value propositions but delivered in a unique way or value propositions that satisfy similar needs but in completely different fashions.

Strategy is a creative process based on your strength and existing or latent opportunities in the market place. What makes strategic planning difficult are the many trade-off decisions that it demands, e.g. you cannot be the lowest cost producer and the high-end supplier at the same time.

During these sessions you will identify your strengths and define a sustainable competitive advantage by making informed decisions regarding which activities to perform or not and why. Note: Strategy is often confused with Operational Efficiency, which is an internal orientation that is tactical in nature. This confusion led consultants to advise clients in the same industry to invest in similar solutions, provided by the same Original Equipment Manufacturers in order to cut cost by standardizing their products and services. As a result, competing value propositions have converged and ignited a war of attrition on price. Struggling organizations that take refuge in Merger & Acquisition transactions face a typical success rate of 40% or less. You cannot cut your way to success; optimization is a dead-end!

Who Should Participate

Executives and Senior Managers in charge of:

  • Strategic change initiatives
  • Organizational Development
  • Information Technology
  • Growth initiatives including M&A transactions


Participants will take-away:

  • Insight into the differences and correlations between effectiveness and efficiency
  • The critical success factors of a strategic plan
  • The need for translating strategy into organizational behavior

Key Topics

  • Strategy and how it relates to vision, purpose and mission?
  • What do you want to accomplish and why are you in business?
  • Why are trade-off decisions so hard to make?


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