Strategic Thinking Workshop

Strategic Thinking Workshop

A different approach to strategy...

Joseph Schumpeter described the “... perennial gale of creative destruction” as the essential feature for “every piece of business strategy.”  That advice is as sound today as it was 60 years ago. In a stable environment, strategy is about staking out a position and getting better at the things necessary to defend that position. In today’s turbulent world, though, advantage is usually temporary, and strategy becomes more about creative thinking and “agility” than structure.

An agile organization has to have the ability to switch gears quickly — from rapid product development to process development; from low cost to differentiation and vice versa — to do it fast and with minimal resources.

Competing as an agile organization clearly requires a different way of thinking. It requires “Strategic Thinking”. There are many elements associated with strategic thinking, such as:

  • The perception of a desired outcome, an overall plan, and being prepared for new challenges.
  • The desire to achieve multiple outcomes, as opposed to one objective at a time.
  • The ability to think about the opponents' possible actions.

Announcing the Wolf Management Consultants “Strategic Thinking” Workshop

This powerful one-day workshop will give managers a structured approach to developing and implementing business strategies. The approach is proven, and incorporates tools and techniques to aid analysis, the creation of options, and the evaluation of alternatives. You will learn to use one of the most compelling strategic planning methodologies in use today, The Prometheus Process. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and case study work, participants will be able to:

  • Structure their thinking behind a strategy
  • Use tools to develop a clear analysis of the business position
  • Focus resources in the most effective manner
  • Give a clearer focus and direction to plans
  • Understand the barriers and risks inherent in the implementation of your plans

Who Should Attend

Executives, Managers and Leaders who want to improve their abilities to think strategically on their own; who want to learn how to create and execute complex strategies, as well as improve their abilities to design and lead broader strategic conversations with others.

What you will learn

  • The most innovative and effective strategic planning and implementation model in use today ... The Prometheus Strategic Planning System
  • A practical, tested, and proven approach for identifying and crystallizing key strategic issues, opportunities, and targets
  • Methodologies for translating strategy into key organizational objectives
  • Insights into strategic thinking to recognize the barriers of change
  • How to effectively deploy strategy, and remove the barriers to its implementation

The Prometheus Strategic Planning System is a methodology for envisioning and creating your future, and igniting the passion and energy in your organization to make it happen. Once Prometheus is accepted and incorporated by an organization, everyone can move forward together. Most importantly, people will no longer be thinking like bricklayers.

Bricklayers are specialists, but are usually not thinking about the larger strategic issues, such as how a community should be organized, or what the purpose of the buildings should be. They are primarily concerned about the details of construction: How many bricks will we need? How high should this wall be? The Prometheus Process helps people “think like an architect rather than a bricklayer.”

How you will benefit

  • Understand what is required to build powerful, flexible strategic plans
  • Learn what is necessary to help your organization focus its efforts on what is most important
  • Discover how to help employees understand the value of their work in supporting the strategic direction of your organization
  • Understand how effective deployment can improve employee morale and productivity
  • See how organizational strategy can be translated into tangible actions and results
  • Learn how to clarify strategic priorities that enable easier decision making
  • Understand how to enhance customer recognition of your dedication to meet their needs
  • Take a vital step towards developing the necessary skills to prepare for taking on advanced responsibilities.


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