Sexual Harassment *Awareness *Prevention *Resolution : Custom, Interactive Training

Sexual Harassment *Awareness *Prevention *Resolution : Custom, Interactive Training


  • Reduce risk & exposure
  • Maximize reources, performance & productivity
  • Enhance safety & quality of the work environment
  • Comply with CA AB1825
  • Manager and supervisor Sexual Harassment training requirements


  • Stimulate awareness, self-assessment, & needed change
  • Educate regarding laws, definitions, policy, procedures, rights, responsibilities
  • Explore causes, effects, & consequences of harassment
  • Inspire compliance & proactive prevention
  • Engage employees in a meaningful dialogue about workplace conduct
  • Create an entertaining, enlightening, enduring training experience


  • Custom interactive on-site seminars
  • Seminar length & group size at client discretion
  • Content customized to reflect the unique culture & environment of the client’s workplace and industry


  • Interactive subject matter overview
  • Live performance of realistic, entertaining scripted episodes
  • Audience interaction & involvement during scenes
  • Interactive discussion after each episode
  • Interactive skill-building exercises & hands on practice
  • Custom printed materials highlighting seminar information

CONTENT (includes but not limited to)…

  • Definitions & examples verbal, visual, physical Quid Pro Quo (economic) & Hostile Environment (environmental) harassment
  • Law, policy, procedures
  • Title VII protected categories
  • Manager & Supervisor responsibilities & liabilities
  • Intent vs. impact
  • Reasonable person standard
  • Retaliation
  • Consenting vs. welcome
  • Power abuse / intimidation
  • Employee rights, responsibilities
  • Complaint procedure
  • Confidentiality
  • Prevention through communication, respect, awareness
  • Workplace romance
  • 3rd-party non-employees, i.e. contractors, clients, vendors, & temps
  • Off-site work related activities
  • Citizenship in the workplace community


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