Referrals Rock!

Referrals Rock!

Workshop Overview

Most everyone in sales management knows that growth by referral is the lowest cost way to acquire new customers. And most agree that referrals are quicker to close, easier to close, and make great customers. But did you know that working by referral is simply more fun? Rare is the salesperson who loves making cold calls. True, there are some who do, but we’ve never met a salesperson yet who wouldn’t rather call a friend, associate, vendor or other prospect who knows someone we are already doing business with.

“But, I’ve already asked all my clients for referrals.” Ever heard that before? Have you met anyone new in the last 30 days? Anyone you know have a bad experience with a vendor lately? Things change, and people move around, and working by referral is undoubtedly the greatest return on activity a salesperson can invest in.

Workshop Outcomes

Similar to Just Ask!, Referrals Rock! is heavy with individual exercises and role playing, and augmented with a small amount of presentation. Participants will develop their own personal scripts, practice them until they feel comfortable, and then will leave the session with clear expectations of executing on what they developed and practiced, within 24 hours. The quicker they put what they learn into action, the more ingrained it will be for them in the future.

They will also develop referral target lists, explore the concept of a referral network, and develop a Blueprint for a 90 day execution on what they learned in the session.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Experienced top producing sales people – it’s easy to lose sight of those who can help you the most. Top producers will gain a renewed motivation for working by referral and add to their already impressive list of clients.
  • Brand new sales people – often at a disadvantage if they have no existing clients or contacts, these salespeople don’t consider their entire network and how they can be put to use.
  • Sales management professionals – develop or enhance your ability to be a strong coach for ALL of your direct reports.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Creating your referral network.
  • Why, how and when to ask for a referral.
  • Turning referrals into revenue.
  • They said no. Ask for a referral? Are you kidding?
  • Tricks to keep “asking for a referral” in your daily radar.

Workshop Duration: Half-day. (For a full day, combine with Just Ask!, a great compliment to Referrals Rock!)



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