Prospecting and Targeting: Techniques that Won't Turn a Hot Prospect Cold!

Prospecting and Targeting: Techniques that Won't Turn a Hot Prospect Cold!

Event Overview

New business is the life blood of continued prosperity for any company. One of the greatest challenges associated with ensuring prosperity is focusing attention on the critical obligation of prospecting and targeting new business. Why such a challenge? For some of us, we lack the tenacity to commit time and effort to the process of generating new business. For others, it's just plain uncomfortable! Frankly, most people don't like to "sell." This dislike, however, can be a person's greatest advantage of all, because prospects don't like "sales pitches!" This event will help provide the discipline and skills necessary to turn prospecting and targeting from an avoided activity, to a positive experience for both you and the prospect.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who wish to enhance their ability to identify and cultivate new business opportunities for their organization.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • An expanded understanding of what "prospecting" and "targeting" mean and why these activities are so vital to the ongoing success of your organization.
  • An increased comfort level with prospecting and targeting activities.
  • Techniques/skills for prospecting for new clients.
  • Techniques/skills for prospecting for new opportunities with existing clients.
  • Increased confidence and competence relative to prospecting and targeting ability.

Event Key Topics

  • What Makes Prospecting and Targeting Uncomfortable
  • The "Advisor" versus "Sales" Approach to Prospecting
  • Prospecting for New Clients
  • Prospecting for New Opportunities with Existing Clients
  • Key Skills and Disciplines for Becoming Competent and Confident at Prospecting


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