Project Design - How to Manage Your Principal’s Expectations?

Project Design - How to Manage Your Principal’s Expectations?

Success is succeeding at the goals you set yourself to accomplish.

In a project situations your success is determined by someone else; your principal. Since it’s quite possible to spend 80% of your budget and time on completing the last 20% of your project, you need to ask your principal when will “good” be “good-enough”.

During the course of a project, you need to make many decisions that determine the quality of your project result and -process. Good project design creates a structure containing a steering committee and a project committee for preparing decisions and obtaining commitment.

It takes a process to create a process. Project design follows a strict protocol for the development and approval of a formal change plan; a step-by-step road-map for execution of the plan and control of budget, time and quality.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior managers in charge of change (steering committee members)
  • Managers in charge of project-execution (project committee)
  • Project members


Participants will take-away:

  • Why formal planning delivers on-time and within-budget?
  • Success depends on full executive sponsorship
  • Insight into what makes an organization tick

Key Topics

  • How to create an iterative plan from a universal template?
  • Recognizing relationships between cause & effect
  • Setting measurements for quality and success



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