Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Event Overview

According to The Book of Lists-Volume I, by   The  Wallace Family, Americans’ greatest phobia  is public speaking.  It is the thing that makes people’s hands  sweat  uncontrollably, makes their mouths go dry, or   makes ideas fly from their brains.  Why is it so hard to get up in front of a  group of   people to talk about a subject that you know perfectly well?  Perhaps   it’s because no one has explained  just how to organize your thoughts in   a way that helps you stay on track and  helps your audience know   precisely where you are going.  Perhaps no one has explained why and how   to  use notes, eye contact, hand and facial gestures, stance and   movement, pacing  and pausing. This highly practical event teaches you   all those skills and more  so that you will gladly take on your next   presentation with confidence.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who  present ideas to others in formal or informal settings, to small or to large  groups.

Event Outcomes

Participants of  this event will leave with:

  • Identification of what behaviors make the  "effective " presenter stand out from the merely "ordinary”  presenter
  • Recognition of how their presentation fear  manifests itself and how to conquer that fear
  • Three key points that make them look like a "pro": practice, rapport, and organization
  • A checklist to focus on a specific audience's needs, interests, and priorities so they can target their presentation    accordingly 
  • A model for how best to organize an impromptu presentation (i.e., 5-10  minutes notice)
  • Understanding of the importance of  "grabbing their audience" from the outset of the presentation
  • Ability to utilize various delivery techniques (vocal projection, eye contact, movement, gestures, and pausing) to   support the  message and not detract from it
  • Appropriate methods and reasons for posing  questions to the audience
  • A model for handling audience questions and  objections effectively
  • A framework for organizing a presentation when  there is more than an hour’s notice to prepare and present
  • Appreciation for using visual aids to  effectively support the presentation

Event Length

This event runs two hours.  It can be delivered in one session or two  1-hour sessions.


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