Power Writing for Lawyers

Power Writing for Lawyers

Seminar Overview

Outside a courtroom, the written word is a lawyer’s strongest form of communication. It’s how a lawyer says, “This is what my client and I stand for.” Even in the complex world of the law, you have to tell it to sell it--to clients, opposing counsel, their clients, and others who you must persuade through your written communication Whether it’s a letter, memo, brief, or petition, the key is to explain it so everyone gets it–and so that your position prevails.

The same goal applies within the firm too. Whether a concept, an action plan, a target, a reorganization, or a change in responsibilities, the same rules of persuasive, clear writing apply. It’s even more important when the subject is politically complex or even perilous--a firing or resignation, a complaint or criticism, a pitch for partnership, a plea for a help with a case run amok. All these and other facets of legal life demand insightful, expressive, compelling, reasoned and well-crafted writing.

The best lawyers tend to be the best communicators. The Power Writing for Lawyers seminar can make every lawyer a better communicator.

Seminar Outcomes

Attorneys attending this seminar will be able to:

  • Put hard messages into positive language
  • Write in a way that ensures that their message is clearly understood
  • Effectively persuade others via their writing

Seminar Key Topics

  • Writing for the voice
  • Using diplomacy with strength
  • Avoiding weasel words, catchy phrases and pomposity
  • Avoiding the ‘over-explaining’ trap
  • Apologizing--without losing credibility
  • Giving credit where it’s due


Boost your practice and law office management with this intense seminar for lawyers who want better results from the written word. In this interactive seminar, participants work collaboratively and learn by each others’ examples, led by a skilled writer/editor.


To learn more about this workshop and how it can help give the attorneys in your firm a competitive advantage through more powerful writing, contact us.


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