Power Entertaining for Lawyers

Power Entertaining for Lawyers

Event Overview

-You've invited a potential client to dinner. It's time to order the wine…Now what?

-You've proposed hosting "client-appreciation" event for your firm…

Proposal accepted…Now what?

-You're planning the holiday office party, partner's retreat or awards banquet…Now what?

When the image of your firm is on the line, can you afford to be naïve about food and  wine—the international currency for connection? Your ability to select, serve,  and sample the appropriate foods and wine makes a statement about who you are,  how you operate and how clients feel about choosing to be represented by your  firm.

Seminar Outcomes

  • Impress prospective and existing clients with new entertaining strategies never before seen.
  • Educate invitees regarding ways they can choose to entertain  guests at their own dinner parties
  • Entertain everyone by putting your own spin on how an event should flow.
  • Create an extraordinary experience for your clients rather than allowing them to experience it the way everyone else does.

Event Key Topics

  • The  importance of pre-planning …"Don't Let the Restaurant Happen to You!"
  • Using Power Tools (those little  distinctions that set you apart from the others)
    - Using the best crystal glassware,  decanters, digital thermometers, dual-temp boardroom wine cooler, etc.
  • Tasting  like the Masters- learn how to taste and describe wines like the pros…1-hour  wine expert.
  • Food  & Wine Synergy…What makes a "food-wine"?  How to pair foods with wines that impress your clients.
  • How  to buy wine.
    - In the restaurant…where are the best  value?
    - In the store…what to buy for  investment vs. current consumption.
  • Top  10 wines to try before you die!
  • WOW  your guests with food from the Internet…everyone else's parties are shopped  from Whole Foods and COSTCO etc.
    - Discover the Top 10 "foodie websites"  and what, specifically to buy for taste impact.

Workshop Leader, Eddie Osterland, Master Sommelier


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