Performance - Why Purpose, Values and Beliefs Matter

Performance - Why Purpose, Values and Beliefs Matter

Performance is the measurement of your success or failure in realizing your goals. Success is constantly challenged by events that take place inside and outside the organization. Therefore, decision-makers must come up with a course of action to get their organization back on track. This requires a big picture understanding of the system because any solution will have to be implemented inside that system.

Purpose, Values and Beliefs are key benchmarks for success and thus influence a decision-maker’s choice of methodology or process for organizing the many business functions that the organization performs (attention flows where interest goes).

Who Should Participate

Executives and Senior Managers in charge of:

  • Strategic change initiatives
  • Growth initiatives
  • Post-merger integration
  • Organizational Climate
  • Organizational Process


Participants will take-away:

  • Insight into the immediate effect of Purpose, Values and Beliefs on performance
  • The origin of a strong Brand Recognition
  • The origin of a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Key Topics

  • What is a system and how does it function?
  • Why people will always be the engines driving any system?
  • How to determine when a system is successful?


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