OODA Loop Thinking for Business Processes

OODA Loop Thinking for Business Processes

Workshop Overview:
Col John Boyd, USAF fighter pilot Ace developed the concept of the "OODA Loop" (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) to describe the process needed to win. This model matured as he won dog fights in Korea and Viet Nam, and he later used it to describe how to gain a competitive advantage in any situation. Recently, the OODA Loop has begun to be applied to business and product development as a way to describe decision making cycles. In these situations, the loop often gets stuck at the “D” and the team is reduced to making a sound like “OO-OO-OO”. The OODA Loop is a succinct representation of the natural decision cycle seen in every context: war, business, product development, or life. So, let’s explore the realities of the OODA Loop, see why it gets stuck and show how to put the “D” in the loop as a basis for effective action.

Workshop Outcomes:
This highly interactive session will provide:

  • Why OODA loops are important in business
  • How to identify stuck OODA Loops 
  • Ability to recognize the OODA  Loops in their operations and those of their competitors
  • Ability to understand Observed information and the uncertainties that come with it.
  • How Observation uncertainty affects all the downstream activities.
  • Ability to identify how people Orient information in different ways as they make the effort to make sense out of it. 
  • How Orientation inconsistency affects all downstream activities.
  • Ensuring multiple courses of action are considered commensurate with time and Decision criticality.
  • A check list for how to make robust Decisions
  • How to ensure that the Decisions made lead to Action.

Workshop Key Topics:

  • The structure of OODA Loops
  • Access your organization’s ability to Observe both internally and externally
  • How corporate culture and psychology affect your ability to Orient information
  • Set  up processes to make robust Decisions
  • Ensure that Action results from the Decisions 
  • Controlling and Reusing OOD Loops

Workshop Length: 2 days
Can be customized to needs of participants


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