New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilation

“People cannot be managed. Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.
- H. Ross Perot

Today’s organizations have very high expectations, short timeframes for achieving results, and a very low tolerance for failure. A recent study by the Manchester Consulting Company found these reasons why newly promoted leaders fail:

  • 82% fail to build partnerships and teamwork with subordinates and peers
  • 58% are confused or unclear about what is expected of them
  • 50% lack the required internal political savvy
  • 47% are unable to achieve their two-three most important objectives
  • 28% take too long to learn their jobs
  • 25% lack a proper balance between work and personal lives

Wolf Management Consulting’s New Leader Assimilation Program is about generating momentum, creating early wins, laying a solid foundation, and building that all-important credibility that translates into long-term success.

The process is intended to accelerate familiarity between manager and direct reports … to do in one day what might take six months to accomplish. We will help you to build teamwork by setting a climate of openness and willingness to deal with the issues. By putting key interactional issues “on the table” early - styles, values, expectations, preferences, concerns -- you will clarify team roles, relationships and values … in addition to identifying your most critical business problems and top priorities.

Key Goals:

  • Accelerate effectiveness and business impact
  • Provide a safe way to get problems / issues on the table
  • Build strong stakeholder support … including with your own team
  • Create explicit agreements between the individual(s) and their manager
  • Create a twelve month road map for success. Provide real-time organizational planning and problem solving
  • Compress assimilation time by 3-6 months
  • Exceed people’s expectations!!

The process is used with New Managers, Experienced Managers assuming new roles, and Team Leaders who are new to their role, or who have had a significant turnover in team personnel.

This cutting edge process is simple, straightforward, and provides immediate impact. By setting the tone for openness and breaking down barriers, you will significantly reduce the probability of failure; or disruption of your plans ... and enable your leaders to accelerate their success!!


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