Meeting Design and Facilitation

Meeting Design and Facilitation

The modern corporate meeting, according to humorist Dave Barry, can be compared to a funeral, "in a sense that you have a gathering of people who are wearing uncomfortable clothing and would rather be somewhere else." The major differences, he notes, are that most funerals "have a definite purpose (to say nice things about a dead person) and reach a definite conclusion (this person is put in the ground), whereas meetings generally drone on until the legs of the highest-ranking person present fall asleep.”

Have you ever been to a meeting where no one seemed to be in charge? Or a meeting where there was no clear reason to meet…or no agenda? If you have, you know it can be frustrating. It’s a simple fact that a great deal of work in today’s organizations gets done in meetings. Meetings are where individuals come together to share insights and ideas – to generate new thinking, to solve problems, and to envision the future.

When you consider the labor cost of meetings today, it is in your best interest to design and conduct meetings which are guided by a compelling purpose, understandable objectives, clear roles and responsibilities, and that ultimately produce results.

Wolf Management provides expertise to clients for the following:

  • Executive Retreats
  • Teambuilding Events
  • Offsite Meeting Design and Facilitation
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Future Search Conferences
  • Large Group Events

We help meeting planners and leaders to:

  • Define desired results of meetings
  • Structure the meeting agenda to generate high participation, creative learning and substantive results
  • Design the substance, structure and style of leaders' messages to engage participants
  • Facilitate meetings so leaders can participate without needing to focus also on group dynamics

We work closely with clients to clarify the meeting's desired outcomes and then customize a process to ensure success. Our facilitators have a vast array of tools, activities and years of experience to make sure your meeting is a winner!!


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