Managing Projects - How to Manage the Project Life-Cycle?

Managing Projects - How to Manage the Project Life-Cycle?

A project is the opposite of routine. A project has a distinct start and end date. A project involves multiple disciplines across multiple business processes.

The nature of a project is narrowing the focus to a clear and well defined goal while increasing the level of detail. This happens through different phases form Ideation to Implementation and as many other phases as necessary in between, to obtain the desired result.

There’s a clear and significant difference between US-style and European-style project management. The former is often rather loosely organized and the latter tends to follow formal guidelines and procedures.

European-style project management demands the formation of a separate project organization parallel to the standing organization. The purpose of this organization is managing expectations of the project’s principal. This includes staying on-budget and on-time. This structure prevents many problems such as Unity-of-Command and Span-of-Control.

Project managers receive formal discharge at the completion of their project and dismantling the project organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and Senior Managers in charge of:
  • Information Technology
  • Change initiatives (project managers)
  • Hiring outside-consultants


Participants will take-away:

  • Benefits of conducting a European-Style project
  • The scope of the project and its effect on the standing organization
  • Project management is a separate discipline in its own right

Key Topics

  • How to obtain executive sponsorship for your proposal?
  • How to structure the temporary project organization?
  • How to guide the project to success?


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