“Managing MOTIVATION in a COVID-19 world” … a virtual workshop for Business

“Managing MOTIVATION in a COVID-19 world” … a virtual workshop for Business

Objective of webinar: Use data from a unique assessment to support your understanding of the Power of Motivation for your staff…your team…yourself.

Event Overview

How can we motivate ourselves, as well as our colleagues and staff in a COVID-19 environment?

Whether we will still be working virtually, or know that we will return to a familiar physical environment, how do we better understand what positively engages us…what keeps us productive? What do we need to know about those we work with to help them stay engaged also?? And…how do we recognize the things that block our productivity? How do we avoid resistance and procrastination?

This virtual workshop gives you a unique tool to identify both positive motivations and negative aversions. It provides recommendations for managing these in order to successfully reach your business goals. We’ll show you how an individual may be capable of doing something, but if she/he hates it, it might undermine strengths and become a liability.

MAPP™ (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) is the tool we will use to clearly identify participants’ unique potential in areas like temperament, aptitude and learning style. The data indicate a strong motivation to do, or avoid doing, certain things. Utilizing MAPP™ data improves your personal work and management processes by matching motivated individuals (or yourself!) with appropriate job requirements. The data support personal and professional development in the organization by identifying ways people are motivated to learn, and using the data allows Teams to communicate and solve problems more creatively. The result is a business that operates more effectively and efficiently! The takeaways from the assessment and workshop interaction will benefit you, as well as those you manage, or with whom you work.

Event Outcomes

Participants in this webinar will leave with:

  • Validation of their core preferences and a language to communicate them to others
  • An understanding of ways to use data provided to support individual or group development and objective planning
  • A tool for keeping yourself, employees and teams focused (whether on-site or virtually)

Event Length

This webinar runs one hour


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