Learning About Your Client Interviewing Techniques that Build Rapport!

Learning About Your Client Interviewing Techniques that Build Rapport!

Event Overview

Client interviews involve more than asking your clients a series of questions, and recording their responses. In fact, using such an interview approach would spell disaster! This highly interactive event will guide you through the most effective approach to uncovering the needs of both new and existing clients. Through group discussion, demonstration, and practice, you will master the art of active listening and asking the right questions—at the right time!

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who wish to learn more about their clients needs through applying effective listening and questioning skills.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Enhanced listening and questioning skills as it relates to   business development
  • The ability to effectively use a questioning model
  • The ability to more effectively uncover client needs.
  • The ability to develop implied needs into explicit needs
  • Specific feedback on ways to enhance their interviewing skills

Event Key Topics

  • Understanding Your Communication Style
  • Active Listening: The Key to Finding Opportunities
  • The Art of Asking the Right Questions
  • Balancing the "Ask" and "Tell" Communication Style
  • Uncovering and Developing Client Needs

Event Length: This event runs for 1 day


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