Leadership, Team Building, and Performance Coaching for Work Teams

Leadership, Team Building, and Performance Coaching for Work Teams

The need: High performance work teams produce dramatic positive bottom line results. Low performance work teams produce equally dramatic negative bottom line results. The cost of one project gone bad can be catastrophic, endangering profitability, jobs and even the future of the company.

Work team leadership, team building, and performance coaching produces consistent measurable high return on investment while minimizing project risk.

We know that long seminars and lengthy lectures don't work. So what we do is different. We offer short, action-oriented sessions held on a regular basis. And we do it at your workplace-eliminating costly travel expenses and major down-time for your staff. We've learned that our process works best when applied on-site with your own team. Group dynamics and spaced repetition are key to success.

Here's How The Process Works:


Based on the results you want to achieve, we evaluate where your people are now. Are their goals aligned with your organization's goals? What productivity issues exist? Are they on schedule? What are the communications challenges? Based on our findings, we then calculate the performance gap.


First our process assures every team member is well suited for his role and will work well with the team. We take the guess work out of selecting the team and assuring successful task implementation with proven leader and member selection tools. Based on our findings, we will work with you to make task responsibility changes, set up cross training or other development activities to bring a team member up to speed. In some cases we will assist you to select other team members that will work better with the group. The result is a hard hitting cohesive team that rises to meet challenges.


Every successful team has a well thought out plan of action. We guide and coach your team through plan development providing proven best practices and short cuts. After the overall plan is created we coach each team member to develop plans for his or her specific tasks. We accomplish this over a period of several weeks. Implementing the process over several weeks has many benefits. Most importantly new behaviors are applied directly to daily issues. We have found that people learn by doing. At least 80% of new ideas heard in a seminar are quickly forgotten. In our process, participants put into action what they are learning and "own"; their behavioral changes within a short time. They complete weekly feedback sheets and results are measured. Accountability is important, and as participants see their accomplishments they are motivated to do even better.


By identifying the changes that need to take place, we help people set specific and measurable goals, and set forth a detailed plan of action. Participants begin immediate application of techniques designed to help them change their behavior and develop habits necessary to achieve the results you want.


Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. To do that, our process must bring results and a high return on the investment made. Management must be able to link cause and effect; to tie the investment to the desired result.


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