Leadership: Legacies of Leadership

Leadership: Legacies of Leadership

Workshop Overview

Leadership is the key to building optimal teams and organizations. Yet, it is rarely taught in universities, corporations, and organizations of all types.

Turning your Team into one with Top Leaders starts with training. And there is no place better to start than with Legacies of Leadership. This comprehensive workshop will take your management team through the eight (8) legacies of great leaders necessary for organizational success. They will have a new sense of commitment and the skills to achieve new heights!

Participants will learn the roles, skills and attributes of leaders and complete a self assessment within a feedback loop. They will also learn to assess others strengths and needs and differentiate personality types and cultural differences to more effectively manage with others. A core competency of leaders is their ability to communicate very effectively. This workshop will take participants through a series of skill building role plays and exercises to greatly enhance listening and communication abilities.

Participants will also learn critical thinking and decision making skills and how to apply a value-based perspective to their duties and responsibilities as business leaders. They will also learn to plan and execute meetings and gain consensus within their role in the company.

This workshop can easily serve as the foundation for your management training or as a catalyst to growth for your existing management team.

Workshop Length:

2 days

Who  Should Attend this Event:

All levels of management personnel within an organization.

Workshop Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Learn the 8 Legacies of Leadership and how they apply
  • How to recognize roles, skills, attributes of each individual as well as to adapt to differences in style and  culture
  • Clearly and consistently communicate effectively and how to listen powerfully
  • Critical thinking processes
  • Decision making processes and  applications
  • How to plan and conduct excellent  meetings
  • How to apply a Value-based belief system to their leadership style
  • Self assessment and understanding areas in need of improvement
  • Negotiating within the corporate structure
  • Performing their role ‘One Level Up’
  • How to view the big picture and still  see the details

Workshop  Topics

  • Self Assessment
  • The 8 Legacies of Leadership
  • Roles, Skills & Attributes
  • Gaining Agreement - NOW
  • Assessing Staff Strengths and Needs
  • Leadership Styles
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Values in the Workplace
  • Personality Types & Cultural  Differences
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Team Meetings, One-on-One Meetings
  • Leadership Problem  Solving

Workshop Facilitator: Stephen Burgess


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