Stephen A. Burgess, MBA

Stephen A. Burgess has more than 20 years of senior executive experience in multiple industries.

Steve is a 'nuts and bolts' senior executive and proven leader in ‘extreme’ growth companies. He has years of actual experience from selling on commission, training thousands of people with his award-winning programs, and leading companies to great success. He knows how to maximize sales productivity, motivate and train personnel, and improve performances at all levels! Because he has DONE it!!

Steve led his last 4 organizations to growth of at least 300% and as much as 3000% in the first 3 years he was leading the organizations while maintaining profit growth as well. All 4 organizations have been in different industries and include: the 6th fastest growing small public company in the U.S. (as rated by Inc magazine); a business-to-business service company growing from ½ million to $18 million in revenue in 3 years; and, an organization that grew from under $10 million in revenue to over $1 billion in 5 years! See more examples of Steve’s accomplishments below.

Steve’s experience includes management of virtually every functioning department in an organization. Some of his responsibilities have included sales, operations, distribution, customer service, purchasing, accounting/finance, construction, marketing, real estate, information technology, manufacturing, quality control, shipping/receiving, human resources and more.

He has the unusual distinction of never having been in the same industry twice. His flexibility, ability to adapt to new terminology and technology, and innate sense of people and systems has allowed him to work in diverse industries. He has worked effectively in title insurance, convenience stores, capital equipment, public warehousing, personal computers, retailing, consumer goods manufacturing, business-to-business services, and entertainment.

He is the Co-Author of the #1 Best Seller Purpose, Passion, Abundance. It is a collection of inspirational true stories about finding one's purpose and passion and living a life of abundance. His second book, Leadership Lessons Learned, is in progress. Steve has had numerous articles published in a variety of publications. Some of his published articles are: How NOT to be a Networking Numskull; Defining Success; Leadership in the 21st Century; Making Mistakes; the Blaming Game; Inventive Interviewing; Business Made Simple; ‘Naked’ Negotiating; and Career Networking Strategies. He has authored numerous management, sales and skill development training programs.

Steve is also a noted speaker and trainer. In his speaking, Steve engages his audiences weaving true stories and anecdotes with his own insights and knowledge to provide the best possible experience. Steve speaks about Leadership Lessons Learned, Business Made Simple, Finding One's Purpose, Defining Success, 'Naked' Negotiating, Interviewing –or- How to Get the Best Job, Ramping Revenues, and Business Ethics amongst other topics.

He has spoken to entrepreneurs, executives, CEO’s, business owners, and people at all levels of an organization. He has a unique ability to relate to people of all backgrounds. He has spoken recently to the Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle Conference, the Entrepreneur Forum, the Executive MBA members and alumni of University of California, Irvine, and other similar groups.

His upbringing in different cultures gives him a unique appreciation for similarities and differences in peoples’ perspectives. He spent part of his youth growing up in a Muslim country in the Middle East while traveling extensively throughout Europe. He has since traveled throughout North America as well.

Steve is a member of The Executive Network, The National CEO Forum, American Association of Senior Executives, International Association of Coaches, and is a Mentor for the Executive MBA Program at the University of California, Irvine. Steve has his Masters in Business Administration.

Steve has served on Boards of Directors including non-profit organizations. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Wake Up, Inc.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Revamped operations in a recessionary environment increasing store operating profit to more than 30%
  • Grew a business from zero to more than 20 major accounts resulting in 250% revenue growth in one year
  • Conceptualized & spearheaded a new marketing strategy transitioning the company from a sub regional service provider to a nationwide organization with clients including the Gap, the Limited Group, Best Buy, Hallmark Stores, One Price Clothing, Office Depot and many others
  • Achieved 10+% EBIT in every fiscal year as Chief Operating Officer
  • Led a cross-functional team in acquiring an 18 store retail chain resulting in a national presence and increased sales of $18.6 million
  • Formulated and structured a streamlined national distribution strategy improving finished goods inventory turns by more than 50% to 36.5 turns per year and decreasing costs from 5.8% to 3.5%, a savings of $1.85 million annually
  • Restructured & motivated a faltering sales operation in four months accelerating sales from $8 million to $17 million per year
  • Managed the conception, development & successful implementation of a new order fulfillment system to accommodate an increase of $500 million in annual revenue
  • Designed, developed, and implemented award winning sales and management training programs for more than 750 sales and management professionals annually
  • Reduced accounts receivable days outstanding from 59 to 45 resulting in improved cash flow of $22 million
  • Turned around a national sales organization resulting in the company being ranked as the 6th fastest growing small public company in the U.S. (Inc. magazine 1990-94)
  • Initiated a new marketing approach, defined requirements and improved productivity resulting in a substantial decrease in variable costs and EBITDA of more than 12% annually


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