Leadership: Global & Virtual

Leadership: Global & Virtual

Course Introduction:

Globalization as well as advanced communication technologies have created an exciting yet challenging new world where we must work and communicate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and from remote locations. Global leaders must be able to think globally, appreciate and leverage cultural diversity, communicate effectively, build partnership, and lead virtual teams and matrix organizations. This essential acumen enhances a leader's ability to manage diverse people, products, markets, and lead virtual teams across cultural and geographical boundaries. This two-day workshop will equip participants with practical skills and the knowledge they need to promote successful working relationships with their co-workers, customers, vendors, and team members from other cultures.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge on global leadership challenges and key success factors
  • Explain the cultural differences among different world regions, especially focusing on Chinese and American cultures
  • State the culture influence on behaviors and expectations
  • Identify culture's impacts on global business
  • Learn best practices (through case studies and group discussions) for effective use of virtual communication technologies in the fulfillment of team objectives
  • Develop practical skills for trust-building, delegation, motivation, and feedback in a virtual team environment
  • Learn how to influence without authority
  • Create a personal action plan for continuous development

Program Approach:

  • Utilize a mix of both cognitive and experiential methods
  • Encourage interactive, hands-on learning through group discussions, role play, self assessment, case studies, and the creation of action plans
  • Enable participants to learn from each other through frequent interaction and discussion
  • Assign pre-work reading and self assessment tasks prior to the program
  • Provide one-on-one leadership coaching after the program to maximize learning and skill application

Key Contents:

Module 1: Global Leadership Studies

  • Global Leadership challenges; key success factors for leader of the past, present and future; five emerging competencies for global leaders

Module 2: Thinking Globally & Appreciating Cultural Diversity

  • The impact of culture on global business; cross cultural models; navigating cross cultural challenges; six cultural dimensions; personal & group cultural profile; cultural differences between Asia-Pacific, US, Europe, and Latin America cultures.

Module 3: Developing Technological Savvy & Communicating Effectively

  • Best practices and appropriate use of communication technologies, such as email, teleconference; persuading and presenting in English; non-verbal communication

Module 4: Building Partnership & Sharing Leadership

  • Common challenges for virtual teams; building trust for virtual teams; matrix organization management; influencing without authority; establishing credibility; motivating virtual teams; delegating remotely

Module 5: Navigating Real World Challenges & Action planning

  • Identifying real life business challenges; using the DIN model to navigate the issues and finding solutions; self assessment on global leadership effectiveness; asking for feedback; action planning and next steps

Follow-up Coaching

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive one-on-one coaching, by phone or in person, with a leadership coach to create an individual action plan, develop follow-up and implementation strategy, and obtain ongoing support for leadership learning and development.

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