Leadership Development Learning Modules

Leadership Development Learning Modules

Leadership is the ability to seize opportunities and lead people and organizations to greatness.

In The Leadership Challenge, researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner describe leadership as a very "disciplined passion" -- full of excitement and fun but, also, exhausting, stressful, and rigorous. John Maxwell in Developing the Leader Within You states simply that leadership is influence.

Both agree that there is a difference between management and leadership. Management is about assuring that the objectives of the organization are implemented. Leadership has to do with setting direction and motivating people.

To master important leadership skills, our training modules help developing leaders to:

  1. Assess individual skills as leaders
  2. Motivate others toward a common purpose.
  3. Acquire skills in building a cohesive and spirited team.
  4. Practice leadership in day-to-day interactions.

All of our modules incorporate experiential and traditional learning models. We believe participants learn best when they experience and practice new skills.


Creatrix Inventory ™

The Creatrix ™ Process is about accelerating innovation in a team or organization. The key to new ideas and people's willingness to take risks to drive new ideas forward is their ability to tap into their propensity for creativity and risk taking. The Creatrix Inventory ™ profiles risk-taking and creativity, and identifies seven underlying drivers of behavior. Through fun creativity exercises, participants learn how they contribute to team and organizational innovation.
One day

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator helps participants learn about their preferences for communicating, making decisions, problem-solving and interacting with others. Discussions and exercises demonstrate how one’s "type" influences others, and, how differences can make the team stronger. 
One-half to two days.

Other Individual & Team Assessments

We promote a "multi-source feedback" approach, utilizing three or more assessments, in tandem with interviews, observations and customized 360° instruments, to provide the clearest picture possible for individuals and teams. Assessments available include: 16 Personality Factors, DiSC Personal Profile, California Psychological Index, Executive Survey, Emotional Intelligence Map, & Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Inventory.
Various duration


Arceil Leadership Communication

This intensive and highly focused seminar in strategic communication can be customized for senior-level leaders. This session provides a sophisticated conceptual approach to communication, based on successive and interdependent stages of awareness, understanding, acceptance, and commitment, and explores the drivers of effective communication in each stage. Also presented are the three "voices" ë formal, semi-formal, and informal by which every organization speaks. Common barriers to effective communication are explored and general roles and responsibilities for individuals at various levels throughout the organization are identified.
One to two days.

Customer Focus

This program provides participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to customer needs. In addition, it will help participants to be more customer-oriented and improve processes that will produce a higher quality of service.
One-half to one day.

Effective Performance Management: Getting the Most Out of Employee Appraisals

This seminar helps managers understand that performance management is a process to guide and develop effective on-the-job performance and just not an annual end-of-the-year event. It will help mangers meet the challenge of change and learn how effective performance management practices can spell the difference between success and failure. Participants will learn to enhance employee performance through on-going feedback and coaching, objectively evaluate performance against performance standards and expectations and comply with the legal aspects of performance reviews and documentation
One-half to one day.

Peer Coaching/Mentoring

Though it is easy to rely exclusively on the team leader for direction and guidance, the most effective teams are comprised of peer leaders. Coaching skills and mentoring skills are essential for effective peer leadership. Participants in this workshop learn a simple six step process for coaching. They then have the opportunity, via various fun, interactive activities to practice their motivational and technical coaching skills. The workshop culminates with an opportunity for participants to provide realistic guidance via mentoring/coaching to their teammates related to issues that their peers are currently struggling with.
One-half to one-day.

Corporate Climb: Experiential Activity Stand-Alone or Combined with Classroom Modules The Corporate Climb is a unique experiential activity which, when used to complement one of our classroom training modules, is a fun, exciting way to teach leadership concepts. Through several indoor rock climbing challenges, both climbers and non-climbers quickly experience how their decisions and actions impact others. Climbing initiatives are integrated with several classroom discussions which translate the learning back to the workplace. Corporate Climb initiatives can be offered with the following modules: a) Creatrix; b) Myers-Briggs; c) Arceil Leadership Communication; d) Customer Focus; e) Creating High Performance Teams; and f) Leadership Skills for Managers.
One day, offsite.

Building High Performing Teams

This foundational program presents the principles of effective teamwork and building high performing teams. The four developmental stages of teams and the twelve competencies that characterize effective teams are presented along with opportunities to get to know team members better. Experiential options include the Corporate Climb or non-climbing experiential team initiatives.
One day or longer programs tailored to specific teams.

Group Work Skills

Every team and work group goes through stages of development. Whether the group is a newly formed project team or a long-standing management team, it most likely struggles with power & control issues, intimacy & boundary issues, collaboration & integration issues, and termination & new beginnings. Every team deals with all of these issues. This workshop heightens the awareness of these stages. The workshop also helps team members develop the skills necessary to effectively deal with challenges that occur during each phase and create effective practices for group work.
One-half to one day.

Interpersonal Skills

This workshop includes four separate but related modules that build off of each other, including: (1) powerful listening (2) influencing others (3) conflict resolution (4) collaboration and constructive dialogue. These modules provide participants with the necessary interpersonal competencies to be an effective collaborator in organizations.
One to three days.

Team Assessment

This pre or in-workshop survey measures your teame’s effectiveness in the following areas: purpose/objectives; roles/balance of skills; leadership; communication; problem-solving; decision-making; innovation/creativity; conflict; performance/feedback; team spirit; and relations with others. Survey results are used to guide discussions and action plans.
One-half day.

Team Leadership

Explore the continuum of leadership styles and begin to use the leadership compass— a new tool for the holistic management of a team. This workshop will explore the importance of, and integration of leadership & team visions, team project and planning processes, relationship building, and result attainment & evaluation processes. Servant Leadership and Collaborative Leadership models are highlighted and applied to day-to-day team management challenges.
One-half to one day.


Becoming a Supervisor

This workshop helps employees who are taking on first-time supervisory responsibilities learn how to make the transition from employee to supervisor. The program describes the factors important to success as a supervisor and presents communication and motivational tools that can be used to create productive and enthusiastic work teams.
One-half to one day.

Communication and Information Processes

Communication clarity, information sharing styles-tools-methods, and feedback cycles are all covered in this half-day workshop. Fun, interactive experiential activities are used to accentuate some common communication challenges that teams struggle with. The session will culminate with a strategic planning session so that the team can map out the methods, tools and processes that will allow them to most effectively manage open communication.
One-half to one day.

Conflict Management Skills

This workshop teaches participants the skills they need to take control and defuse strained relationships and situations. It provides tools and engages participants in activities that help people in groups come to terms with how to effectively manage conflict situations.
One-half to one day.

Decision Making, Problem-Solving and Thinking Tools

Knowledge is not the same as Thinking. There are many people on teams who know a lot, yet still struggle with decision-making, problem solving and simply assessing the what-when-why of situations. Use of “Six Thinking Hatse” enable a team to quickly assess any situation, gather the information relevant to their immediate needs, and arrive at a consensus decision. Whether the team is struggling with various aims, goals, objectives, values or first steps in a process, the thinking tool box outlines the methods that will be most efficient in arriving at an effective decision.
One-half to one day.

Leadership Skills for Managers: Fundamentals of Leadership

This program helps people to develop the skills necessary to be a successful and inspiring leader. It provides practical skills and techniques that will help participants address the leadership challenges faced in today’s workplace. Participants will learn to use different leadership styles depending on the situation and to inspire others and to build a sense of shared ownership and empowerment among employees.
One-half to one day.

Project Management

This program is targeted to people who are serving as project managers for the first time and need instruction in cross-functional and general project management techniques. The workshop will define and explain the nature and characteristics of a project and how to effectively apply key principles of project management.
One-half to one day.

Strategic Planning Basics

This workshop comes with a facilitator's guide, and provides some common tools and methods for business planning. Participants learn how to facilitate a planning process —whether for a department, a function, or an entire company. Topics include analyzing, positioning and configuring — i.e. what needs to be studied to make planning choices, how the organization is positioned and how to configure the organization to implement the strategic choices.
One-half to one day.

Team Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is the merging of art and skill. Team leaders & members must understand and be able to apply concepts of leadership, artful persuasion, training, time management, meeting planning, strategic thinking, and conflict resolution so that their team meetings are effective and efficient. This workshop teaches team management skills and the nuances of managing personalities, time, outcomes, and more. Participants will assess meetings they currently participate in, conceptualize the "perfect" meeting, address challenges to effective meeting facilitation, and practice their new skills.
One-half to 2 days.

Time Management

Poor time management has an impact on the individual and the team. It increases stress levels, lowers productivity, and can lead to conflict among team members. The most common roadblock to effective time management is the inability to prioritize tasks. After this session participants will be able to develop lines of delineation related to task and time management, develop awareness of systemic challenges, and create a plan for prioritizing individual and team tasks and objectives.
One-half to one day.

All programs are customized to fit the needs of your organization. We spend a great deal of time interviewing and designing the program to make each one client specific.


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