Internal Corporate Communication Strategy Building

Internal Corporate Communication Strategy Building

Internal communication is no longer a "nice to have" portion of the overall business strategy. Ensuring that your messages are clear, concise and reach all audience levels is imperative to create results. It is important that an organization has a strong communication strategy in place that creates awareness, understanding and behavior change.

We will come in and create, and help to implement, an overall measurable, short and long term, internal communication strategy while tying results to business objectives. This plan can be created to:

  • Create tools to engage, influence and energize employees (i.e. Town meetings, Two-way communication)
  • Link internal and external communication messaging
  • Address frontline employee and manager communication needs
  • Link field offices, nationally and internationally

This can be targeted to specific needs as:

  • Annual Reports
  • Merging two cultures
  • Crisis Communication Strategy
  • Work/Life issues are being communicated properly and understood
  • Reviewing third party endorsement opportunities (i.e. Working Mother Magazine top 100 list, Fortune Magazine top 100 lists, etc.)

We will implement the communication strategy with:

  • Writing and editing
  • Communication audits
  • Best practice studies
  • Key messaging
  • Measurement
  • Officer positioning

The process will require various sessions to explore the audience and address and their needs. The result will be a comprehensive internal strategy, addressing every level of your organization.


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