General Electric (GE) “Workout Process"

General Electric (GE) “Workout Process"

Discover the simple, ‘fast-cycle’, highly effective team problem solving program that has brought tremendous results to hundreds of companies such as General Electric, Waste Management Inc., IBM, and General Motors…The Work-Out Process

Can this revolutionary process work for you?

Yes it can!!!

  • It can start small or large
  • It can start in a cross functional process, throughout the whole business, or in just one functional area
  • It must be led by top leadership
  • It must focus upon your core process problems…those that enhance profitability and customer satisfaction, thereby delivering shareholder value

Work-Out is a simple concept based on the premise that those closest to the work know the work the best. And when the ideas of these people (regardless of their functions and places in the organizational hierarchy) are solicited a wave of energy, creativity, productivity and ownership is unleashed in the organization.

What is Work-Out?

Work-Out is a process for involving large numbers of people simultaneously in process improvement. The Work-Out Process captures that collective creativity of an organization on critical business issues and translates those ideas into action. Work-Outs can be simple, focusing on eliminating bureaucracy and rework or rigorous, using advanced analytical tools.

The focus is on implementation, accountability, and measurable results - obtained quickly.

Used repeatedly, it will transform your organization's culture!!!

Work-Out uses your organization’s significant business objectives to bring the right people together to come up with new ideas and create solutions that are approved right away and implemented in 90 days. This dynamic process also builds cooperation, and increases morale by instilling values of excellence, involvement, growth, and shared knowledge throughout all levels of your organization.

Jumpstart your organization’s future. Unleash the creativity and energy of your employees today. This simple, scaleable process is your ticket to success!!!


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